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Friday, July 19, 2013

Enjoying my quiet day! A few more pics from Dillon Beach!

Grandma Cheryl and Mia arm wrestling....

The kids doing what kids do...climbing rocks!


Mason digging a hole for Lily and Mia!
Ken left this am for Meadow Lake, CA with some of the guys he used to work with..honestly I love the fact that they stay in touch and usually plan this trip once a year (don't think it happened last year though)...he was excited to go and left here about 0900.  

So for a change I am here in Yerington all by myself...so did a little cleaning and probably too much eating...seems when i'm home and he's not here i'm hungry...not a good thing. But I did try not to be too bad.  

Tomorrow i'll get up and start heading for Georgetown, spend the night and the next day meeting Russell and family in Lake Tahoe for lunch and then bringing 3 boys home with me..hopefully Bryan and Cheryl will go to Tahoe too!

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