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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can't believe so much time has gone by!!!

I look at the calendar and can't believe so much time has gone by!  It's amazing that tomorrow is August the 1st...what???!!!!

If I go back to where the last post ended..let's see what I can remember...I went to Bryan's house and spent the night...met Russell and Lori in Tahoe to get the boys, but not at Beacon's ...too many people!! The place was packed and for a time they were charging $7.00 for a hour wait at the restaurant...not happening...glad Bryan decided not to go as it was ridiculous!...met them at the Y in Lake Tahoe, took the boys and they went on their merry way...we went to Denney's and waited a long time for our late lunch..headed to Yerington for a nice evening and meeting with Papa!  He had a great time quadding with the boys he used to work with..so glad that happened for them this year.  

Because we were leaving on Thursday to head for Bryan's and spend the night we didn't do much during the week.  Basketball in town everyday and Ken had a guy come out to see about a bid for the basketball court and water service..he did take a check to Jason in town to see about getting city water hooked up to the house..not cheap!  

Thursday, we left and headed for Bryan's for a nice evening.  Friday, Ken, Jacob, Aaron and I left for the coast, Bryan and Adam followed a little later.  Nice weekend with Russell and his peeps from work!  It was a great time!  They all left on Sunday, Bryan just stayed one night but a good time was had by all!!  Ken, Adam and I stayed Sunday and headed back to Georgetown on Monday.  We spent the night and picked up Seth and Mason on Tuesday.  They are with us now.  Did a little school shopping for them today, and Walmart for groceries.  Trying to figure where to go camping for a few days and then return them Sunday or Monday..We're hoping to get a few things done in August before we head towards TN.  

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