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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 35th Birthday Russell...and some pics of Bridgeport CA and Devils Postpile National Monument!

July 13th 1978...two weeks after his due date..a cute little 8 lb 10 oz boy finally arrived in our lives! He completed our family of 5..Russell Phillip Kay was born with so much energy and ever since he started talking he hasn't stopped...and now he has two sons of his own who run a pretty close second in the energy and talking area!  Love u Russy! 

Spent a few days in Bridgeport CA again and then on to Devil's Postpile National Monument with grandsons Adam, Jacob and Aaron...we all had a great time and I am posting pics as I can. So if you're here...keep looking back!  

We are heading to Dillon Beach today with Bryan's family and Ninny and Bobby..Eric's family will be there too but they're camping.  Ken's not with us as he is heading for Winnemucca to pick up his quad and prepare for a boys outing this weekend with some of his guys from work!  

Papa and Adam comparing "wing span"...Adam won..

Jacob and Adam tying hooks at Bridgeport CA
Our double rainbow at Yerington, NV

Papa and Baby Mia...

Another wingspan...Adam won!

Our little marathoner

Bison fire near Yerington, Nv

Our sunset because of the Bison fire!

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