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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cathedral Gorge to Coral Pink Sand Dunes and now Lone Rock!

We had a really nice evening at Cathedral Gorge and then got going in the morning.  We were going to head to Echo Canyon State Park before we left NV.  Then as we got talking we decided to go ahead and head out of Nevada to Zion National Park.  Funny how things change huh? 

So we had a lovely drive..stopped at a Rest Area and had a late lunch of salad in the camper.  We got to Zion, shocked how much traffic backs up.  The little town of Springdale is just growing and growing.  Kind of reminds me of a smaller Sedona.  We were in Springdale a couple of years ago with Jacob, Aaron and Adam..it didn't even seem so busy back then. 

Back in 1983 when we brought the kids there in the 61 Chevy Impala it seemed the only thing in that town was a little souvenir gift shop. 

So we waited in line at the entrance station to find out the campgrounds were full!  Really!  Well, it turns out they hadn't opened some of the loops in the campgrounds yet..well don't ya think if the loops are filling it might be time to open a few more!  So we knew we had to go on, because we are towing the trailer behind us for the tractor and it's 102 inches wide we had to pay a $15.00 fee for them to shut down the tunnel and let us go through because we had to go through in the middle of the tunnel.  Don't remember having to pay that before.  

I do have to say..when I go through Southern Utah..I just find myself thinking that God had to have been in a really happy frame of mind when he created this part of the country!! :) 

Warning...overload on Zion Pics!..

So here's an example of why families really can't afford some of the National Parks...If it weren't for Ken's Senior Pass that gets him into the park for free..and basically just to drive through because we had to leave the park before 1800 because that's the last time they will shut the tunnel down until the next morning.  It would have cost $30.00 to drive through the park and $15.00 for the shut down of the tunnel..$45.00 for a 1/2 hour drive and you don't even get to see the valley and all the park has to offer..now granted you can get into the park for 7 days with the $30.00 pass as long as you find a place to camp.  It's just a shame it has to be so expensive. 

So, now where to stay..we knew Kanab UT wasn't too far but would we find a place.  We saw the sign for Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  12 miles off the main road, but for $20.00 we were able to spend the night and have a nice shower this morning. So the day ended well! 

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park..

This morning we got up, stopped in Kanab, UT for a few groceries and on to Lake Powell..not a long driving day but at least we have an awesome boon docking site right by Lone Rock on the water!  

Blue Water Visitor Center..Dinosaur Exhibit..

We had some wraps for lunch in the camper at the Lone Rock parking lot..
Ken's going to bar b q some hamburgers for dinner tonight! Tomorrow we plan on making it to Blue Water State Park between Gallup and Grants New Mexico. 

The View from our boon docking site..Lone Rock..

Hoping for a pretty sunset or sunrise..

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