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Saturday, March 18, 2017

We're at Don and Dana's!

We left the West Memphis KOA at a little before 1000 yesterday (Friday)..we drove over into familiar territory Memphis, TN a little while later.  Actually got through the town without any problems..except lots of traffic but that's to be expected.  

The pyramid, which is Bass Pro..

Had a beautiful but busy drive across the state for a few hours.  We stopped in Loretta Lynn territory and got fuel and decided it was time for lunch.  I made wraps and we enjoyed a quick lunch, and then back on the road.  
I40 TN

TN River and Kentucky Lake


We turned off at the bypass 840 traffic immediately became very sparse..Nice!  We followed it until I-65 and followed that down to Don's exit #22.
840 barn..

Love the changing terrain...

another barn..


Don's road..

We made it!

  Before you know it we were there!  We were greeted by Don, Dana, Heidi and Sweet Pea.  We had some great conversation and then Dana had made an awesome dinner of Chicken, couscous and a waldorf salad..yum! We all ate too much I think..I know I did but it was so good!  

After some more chit chat it was off to bed for Ken and me!  A great nights sleep in the spare room upstairs.  We were treated to a nice thunder and lightning show in the middle of the night!  

Woke up to a beautiful day! Decided to run into Columbia so Ken could put some $$ into his account at US Bank.  So we had a nice leisurely back woods drive down the Mooresville highway.  Drove by the feed store and Ken found himself a hat.  We also drove by exit 46 where Clifford (our tractor guy) has some antique implements etc there, but nothing jumped out at us that we had to have!  
Along the drive

Marcy Jo's ..you could see this restaurant on Joey and Rory's Show
RFD channel...

Drove back to Lewisburg and we went to a Mexican Restaurant for a great lunch.  

After that we came back to the house and headed out to see the cabin, which is so adorable!  We have seen pictures but seeing it in person is so much better!  We came back to the house and then Ken and Don went back out to the back area of the property and set the trail cam to see what creatures they can see in a day or two.  

Some of the cows on the way to the cabin

Cabin in the distance

The outhouse...love it!

Sign that tells about the outhouse.

Sign inside the outhouse..

Looking inside the outhouse

Ken, Don and the nice picnic table

Bar b Q

Front view of the cabin

Love the ladder to the loft

Inside view of the cabin

There's two outside benches for comfy seating..

 We saw Dana's chicken coop...the Mansion..yes her chickens are spoiled! 
Dana's berry and grapevine area..

Some of the girls..

Dana and the big rooster!

Looking inside the Mansion

Yes, these girls have it made, heat in the winter and fans
for the summer..

The Mansion...chicken coop..

Their outside area..

Once the sun was going down we sat on the back deck to just enjoy the beauty and the sunset!  Once it got too chilly we came back inside and Dana had another awesome of dinner of a crockpot chicken, brown rice and waldorf salad! OH yummy!  Once more too much food was consumed, and like any good mother it doesn't matter if you have six kids or no kids, you still cook way too much!! 
A beautiful back deck view..

Looking off the back deck..

Furniture on the back deck..so comfy!

Sunset off the back deck...

A little more chit chat and off to bed.  Get this blog done so i don't get too far behind!  Another wonderful day in store for tomorrow!

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