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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Clarksville, Arkansas to Osage Hills State Park Oklahoma...

We woke up yesterday morning to overcast skies at Spadra Recreation Area in Clarksville, Arkansas. It sure didn't stop people from being out early in their boats though.  

Had ourselves a leisurely breakfast of Dana's fresh eggs and homemade Rye bread!  It was so tasty!  Then we got it all together and headed out...our early start was close to 1030 and then a stop at Walmart for a few things..out of there just about 1100.  
Thanks Dana for the wonderful Rye Bread and eggs..yum!

Spadra Lake and the Arkansas River

Leaving the lake...

Ball Fields in Clarksville..

The exit we would take as kids
We headed out on I 40 for 50 miles or so until we got to the I 49 turn off..cloudy skies but a beautiful drive.  

Looks threatening, but we didn't really get any rain out of it..

The rain started near Fayetteville, Arkansas.  A little windy but not too much of a storm.
Nice tunnel heading towards Fayetteville..

Lots of construction going on in Fayetteville..and Old Glory
watching over the city..:)

From Fayetteville we stayed on through Springdale, Arkansas.  You never knew when one city ended and the other began.  Made a left in Springdale and this is all you saw coming into the city!  We didn't realize what a big cities Fayetteville and Springdale are! Amazing..and growing at a fast pace.  There was farm fields and then right next to that they had taken away the fields and housing tracts going in all over!  Sad really..
From Springdale Arkansas to Siloam Springs which borders Oklahoma..
traffic, traffic, and never ending cities..

We were on the turnpike for awhile ..glad we don't drive them very often..$6.00 and it wasn't very long that we drove.  Because we had the double axle trailer and our truck we are considered 4 axles which of course costs more.  You do get a beautiful drive, good roads and not much traffic..so that's ok for a bit.  I remember being in New York heading to Washington DC and back again, basically cost $100.00 in toll fees!  Now that's something I wouldn't want to pay very often!  
We stopped for lunch in Siloam Springs and the rain was coming down. Ken got the stuff out of the ice chests and we had our lunch in the camper and watched the skies pour down.  Once we were done we headed out.  

Beautiful drive once again through Oklahoma and then to our destination...
Cute town of Adair, OK

Oklahoma Highway 60...nice drive

Nowata, OK

The highway takes you right through the residential section
of town..love the old homes..

Love this barn..

Bartlesville, OK a big city

Highway 60 on our way to Osage Hills

Love the barns and the properties...

We did about 270 miles and our ending destination for the day Osage Hills State Park just out of Pawhuska, OK.  We had a beautiful late afternoon, warm and sunny.  Rain hitting the camper in the middle of the night, cool and cloudy today.  
Now why does Pawhuska sound familiar?  haha..Because that's where Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman show on Food Network lives.   We were here a couple of years ago and actually drove by her ranch.  She opened a mercantile in Pawhuska last October so we hope to get a look at it today.  Don't know if that'll happen, but I'll let you know later!  

As a side note since my blog got posted on Delina's Old Country Store's Facebook page..my blog for that day has had over 1800 views!!  Amazing, this social media.  

Our Grandson Mason (2nd from the right)..going to sixth grade
dance! How quickly they grow! 

From the left..Dau in law Lori, Jenn and Steve and
Our son Russell, out for a night on the town..
Grandson Adam with his "puppy"

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