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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time is flying, almost time to start heading home...

Sunday morning we slowly got the day going..and by slowly, I didn't even take a shower until almost noon..haha..thinking I was the slowest of the bunch.  I spent too much talking with Dana in the kitchen..but that's ok.  It was an easy going day and beautiful.  

Ken got the tractor loaded and it really looks good.  Needed some fine tuning to make sure it stays put.  I finally headed outside to see the tractor and spent a little time in the camper doing cleaning and organizing.  It's such a small space it gets disorganized quickly.  Kind of like home!  

Don fed the cows, seems every day there's another one.  Seems most of the cows are pregnant and are having babies daily. They are so cute.  

We walked back up to the house and headed for the back deck.  We didn't last too long out there as it was very warm!  So we moved to the front porch for a couple of hours.  Just enough warmth and it was so nice.  

Back inside for some more chit chat and a wonderful dinner of leftovers.  There was chicken, rice, waldorf salad and pretty much anything else you wanted.  The food was delicious! 

Dana and I stayed up way too late talking, but it was so nice! 

1936 Farmall F12 ready to head home...

Don and Dana's property..

Sweet Pea and me..

Heidi...the queen of the house

Monday morning we got up pretty much what seems to be our regular time around here 0630 or so and headed downstairs for some coffee and chit chat.  Showers etc done, Dana and I decided to head for Lawrenceburg and an antique shop there that she and Don both like.  Ken and Don had a few things to get done, so we decided to divide and conquer!  Then we'd meet back here and all of us would head for a distillery in Lynnville to check it out! 

Dana and I had a beautiful drive to Lawrenceburg and spent a couple of hours walking around and looking for some items to jump out at us.  A few small things did to me so I bought them.  I got a glass butter dish (which I have wanted for a long time) Yes, I could have bought one at Walmart , but I wanted a specific pattern.  Then I came to a Mason jar that spoke to me and a milk bottle, 8 ounces which could have been used in the Nashville schools I'm thinking.  Anyway, got my purchases and we headed back home.  I really like that little antique mall, so I'll be back.  Thanks Dana for taking me there!  Ken and Don had to go mail our water pump we ordered because it was damaged and being returned to Amazon and a few other things..when I got this picture I knew they added something else to their trip...
Zombie Hunting??!!  Hmm..that wasn't on their list..

We met Ken and Don here at home and after a quick lunch we headed over to Tenn South for a quick tour and to spend some $$ hahah.. A beautiful drive (what isn't around here?)..going the back roads through fox hunt country.  Apparently a lot of the homes in this equestrian area hold fox hunts and their fences are designed to jump over. It appears they've killed so many foxes there aren't too many left.  We did see one little one out in the field before leaving the area.  There are some beautiful properties and homes out there.  
You know me and barns...beautiful example..

Along the Fox Hunt properties..beautiful fencing..

We got over to the distillery and had a quick tour.  Very nice, simple and just what you'd expect for a small distillery.  We did a little whiskey tasting and a little buying.  Good stuff! 

Ten South Distillery

Then back home and then we headed out to the cabin for an incredible bar b q dinner!  Don took Ken and me out there, on the way we got to see a new mommy cow and her baby calf, just born the same afternoon!  Dana stayed behind to make incredible side dishes for the pork.  Then Don picked her up and came back out.  We had a beautiful evening watching the sun get lower and lower.  
Love these barns..on the way home from Lynnville, TN

If you enlarge the pic and look to the right you can see the red
Chicken Mansion and the house...

Back home and then we got ready to go to the cabin for a bar b q.  Don took Ken and me out there and then came back to pick up Dana.  Dana stayed home to work on some incredible sides to go with dinner! On the way out we saw a mommy cow and her brand new baby born just a couple of hours before! We sat out there just enjoying the scenery and natures sounds...watched the sun get lower and lower...nice..
The view through the fence from the cabin..

Don going to pick up Dana..

Ken enjoying...

Me enjoying

Don and Dana returning with goodies


We could hear some thunder in the far distance and see some flash lightning so we didn't stay too long after finishing our dinner which was incredible by the way!  We had pork, spinach salad, spinach and artichoke casserole and rice.YUM!  

We also heard a wolf pack howling and then something screeched and then nothing..so goes the circle of life I'm afraid...

We headed back for a little clean up and then tv.  I have to admit last night was the first night since we've been here that I've seen any tv and I sure haven't missed it.  

This morning, since I was up, decided to get this blog caught up.  Even though I do a lot of nothing it seems the days area just flying by.  Before you know it we look at the clock and it's evening!  

Today we'll run into town and get some groceries for the road trip home...:(   :)
Guess that's called mixed emotion emoji..haha..We love it here, but we've got to start the trek home, as we don't want to be rushed.  Cause that's how we roll..hahah...before you know it, it will be next winter and we'll be back! :))

We are going to head for Delina's Old Country Store and Restaurant for lunch this afternoon..Love that little place!  

Yeserday, the 20th was our youngest grandson's birthday!  I talked to him yesterday morning for a few minutes before school...Happy Birthday Aaron!  He's 12!! 

The many years of Aaron...love this!

What a difference 2 years makes?
Ninja Sushi for dinner! 

A friend of Russell's crew at work made these treats for the guys
Pretty special huh...

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