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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Beautiful Thursday!

We headed out yesterday about 1000 or so and took a little ride out of town to look at the Humboldt River.  It's amazing what a little (lot) of rain can do.  The Humboldt is usually a small vein running through the town and onward.  In the spring and summer it can be dry very easily, but this is something! 
Only in Winnemucca..or Texas..haha

Looking at the Humboldt River

Looks like a big lake but the river has overflowed...

We then headed home and got to Fernley, NV just about 1300 so we stopped at Pioneer Crossing for their one trip salad bar.  Yummy!  You can't beat the price of $2.95 either.  
On the way home we decided to take a look at Lake Lahontan State Park out of Silver Springs.  We went through there a couple of years ago but thought we'd see how the lake looks after all this rain.  
Lake Lahontan campground..

Normally that's a dry area..where the water is standing..

Coming into our beautiful Mason Valley...

Another view of the lake

We got home, got unloaded and Ken did a few things to get ready for leaving. 

Just enjoyed a nice quiet evening here at home. 

Today, Ken wanted a ham dinner so I thawed a ham out that I had in the freezer.  Spent the afternoon in the kitchen.  I made some banana nut bread, which I have never made in all the years we've been married.  We'll see in the morning how it turned out, but I didn't use sugar just applesauce..so in appearance it doesn't look like the recipe i followed but we'll see..

Ken changed the oil in the Money Pit and checked wheel bearings etc and all the stuff that needs to be done for the truck and trailer before we leave.  

The water pump for the camper came today so hopefully Saturday he'll be able to get it in. 

Tomorrow we'll head for Gardnerville and Walmart for some shopping, prescriptions to be picked up and just general stuff.  

It was a beautiful afternoon in the high 50's and sunshine all over.  

Three of my favorite guys a few years ago...From Left..Jiri, Jared
and Russell on the right..

And another favorite guy Bryan
relaxing Georgetown style a few
years ago..

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