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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Amarillo TX to Checotah, OK KOA

I wanted this pic yesterday...couldn't keep Ken from guzzling
his Rattlesnake IPA..haha


Outside Amarillo, TX

This beautiful cross you can see for miles and miles
Outside Groom, TX

We were greeted with a cross in the sky :)
Right inside Oklahoma...

Sayre, OK  had to mail a card
to Grandson Aaron...

Old Glory...gotta love it!

There are mountains (ok hills) in Oklahoma..

Not a bad drive through Oklahoma City..we knew we wanted to beat rush hour and went through around 1400 or so..not bad at all..
Coming into Oklahoma City

I guess they call this art..we call it weird..

Here you go Patsy..

Tinker Air Force place is a busy place!

Just can't help myself...

OK freeway I40 not too bad traveling

We had a 380 mile day yesterday..not what we like but we do want to get to Don's before we have to turn around and come back! haha..We spent the night at the Checotah, KOA..been here several times before and we know we're getting a nice safe place.  

Today our goal is Spadra right outside Clarksville, AR so about 140 miles.  It's cold here and going to be cold there but we have our heater so all is good! 

Talked with Adam and Cheryl last night and he's got himself signed up for Humboldt State University in the fall!  So exciting and expensive!  He's got a small grant and applied for scholarships to we'll see what happens. Bryan and Cheryl will be applying for student loans here in the near future..so here's hoping it all goes well.  So excited for our grandson and what the future holds.  Way to go Adam..

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