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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pawhuska and the Mercantile!

Saturday the 25th we got up..coffee and computing. Then we went down to the bathouse and took showers..nice!  I made breakfast of 3 poached eggs and rye toast using Dana's eggs and bread.  Yum..I had egg beater and 1 of her eggs and rye toast.  I have to say she did an awesome job on the bread!  

After breakfast we got ready to go to Pawhuska and it was about 1030 or so when we left. 
Our campsite here

Osage Hills State Park Entrance

On the way to Pawhuska..


 We got near Pawhuska and found a gas station, liquor store and Mexican Restaurant all together..all right..got diesel and then headed over to the liquor store.  Russell had asked us if we were in TX or OK to look for Leadslingers Whiskey..it is made by veterans and at this point only available in those two states.  We checked Amarillo but it hadn't made it there yet.  Walked into the liquor store and got the last bottle he had available. YAY.. Then we headed into town..

This tells about the house below..

This building downtown looks like it's getting reborn..
Should be a hotel right next to the Mercantile..In my opinion ..

 We parked the truck and started walking down Main Street, we saw the line of people and figured they were waiting to get into the Merc.  As we got closer to the building we realized that people were coming in and out of the front door..hmmm..lets see.  The nice gentleman at the front door explained that the door was for the Merc and not the restaurant..ok good to go for us!  There was still lots of people inside but you could see all the goodies to be had.
The Merc!

Probably hard to see but people lined up to eat at the Mercantile 

Picture up in the bakery area...

The line to check out..but actually moved quickly..
the Bakery area..upstairs..but crazy! There was nice seating area
which will be nice when it calms down

Looking down the stairs at the shopping area..! 

Main Street

I like the middle one..Highway 60 ..the other mother road..:)

The Merc...

The grocery store we visited..

 After walking the streets of Pawhuska it was close to 1300..we thought about going into Grill 123 but decided against it and head to the highway where we saw a Mexican Restaurant next to the liquor store this morning...Good choice...Awesome food and service!  The salsa with chips was very bland, but add some hot sauce and pepper it was great and plentiful!

 A good pour of Chardonnay..$5.00 and a 24 oz Dos Equis for $3.50..definitely recommend coming here if you're in the area!
Veggie Quesidilla ..yumm
There's half plus a piece left..dinner!

Chicken chimichunga for Ken..he said it was awesome!
 After lunch we drove back to town and visited the little grocery store.  Picked up a thing or two and then took a driving tour of Pawhuska backstreets :)  one of my favorite things to do...hahah

Downtown Pahuska..

So many old storefronts that sit empty..hopefully one day be

People waiting in line to eat at the restaurant..
No way..it's not like Ree's cooking and serving you..
Amazing what people will do..!!

The backstreets of Pawhuska..OKlahoma...

Sad that some of these home are in disrepair..

Love these old homes. 
When we got back to camp we looked at the map trying to decide how to get home.  At this point looks like we'll follow Highway 60 to 64 and then eventually head North to Highway 50.  We have to stop in Winnemucca to pick up taxes on the way home.  That's the only thing we know for sure at this point.  Oh and we need to be home before the 10th when I pick up kids in CA :)) 

After looking at the map decided to take an "RV" walk around the campground.  Then we headed up the hill to the scenic view and where the tent campers hang out.  Beautiful. all uphill but coming back was downhill..hahah..We do love this park and probably will be back next year when we're headed home.  
Scenic View from the top of the walk..

Tenting area..

See the white dot down there?  That's our camper..no
wonder I was puffing coming up the hill!

The Mercantile was nice, but been there done that..I really don't see myself going back again..unless it's for some special reason..but at least I got to do it!! Off the old bucket list!

March 26th...0530 am..Ken went outside to get the half and half from the ice chest.  We had Dana's rye  bread and eggs in an insulated zipped up bag on the trailer.  Well, this morning the bag had been zipped open, the bread was gone and 4 eggs were broken open and eaten out of the first dozen..luckily it couldn't get to the 2nd dozen of eggs...darn!  We were already talking about breakfast before he went out..Ken could see no sign of the bread at all..going to the showers maybe he'll see it.  Darn....Darn...Darn...!!

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