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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Old Delina Country Store, Leaving Cornersville and West Memphis KOA..

Tuesday, March 21st...We awoke to a beautiful morning at Don and Dana's home in Cornersville.  The day was warm to start and got warmer as the day went on.  After our usual chit chat and coffees it was time to get a few things done.  Ken and I ran to Krogers in Lewisburg and did a little grocery shopping. Nice store, good prices and not Walmart.haha..

About 1300 or so we headed over to Old Delina's Country Store to have a late lunch. The place is just so cute and historic.  We met Jaclyn (? not sure of spelling) and her Daddy Larry.  There were some of the regulars in there having lunch.  Jaclyn is the daughter, manager and she also does her Facebook Live every Friday, which is part of our regular reading (listening)..she is just too cute!  

Delina Country Store

Love the ceiling!

Ken and Jaclyn

Jaclyn and Me..
Daddy Larry

Inside...the walls are 100 year old barn wood

Isn't this adorable!

On the outside.. :)

We had a wonderful lunch, Ken, Don and Dana had the cheeseburger plate which included a 1/2 pound cheeseburger, fries and a drink.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich and stole a few of Ken's fries.  Awesome food!  We talked a while with Larry and then time to head home.  We were stuffed! 

In the afternoon we watched the skies change and temps drop!  Large hail, winds, lightning and thunder were hitting the area.  It was pretty cool I do have to say!  
On the front porch looking out :)


WE were too full to have any kind of dinner.  So some tv and chit chat and time for bed.  

We got up yesterday morning and slowly got going..we knew we were leaving :( and we knew we wanted to end up at the KOA in West Memphis AR. 

We had such a wonderful time in Cornersville, visiting with Don and Dana and enjoying their beautiful home and property.  Another baby calf was born during the night of the storm.  3 calves in 3 days...Thanks again, Don and Dana for having us!  We'll be back next year and stay longer (you'll probably want to get rid of us)..hahha...

We're in Don's driveway...

Where we've stayed the last few days..Don and Dana's house
Property and Chicken Mansion..so beautiful!

Don took this pic of us leaving :((

So we left about 1030 and headed to Highway 64 and took that across TN into Memphis.  Beautiful route and best of all not much traffic and hardly any trucks!  We so enjoyed that drive!  Below, just some pics along Highway 64 going West..


Loved this water tower, notice the cross on top!

I love, love this barn...

Eventually, about 22 miles from the state line we got on I40 and west bound wasn't too bad...glad we weren't going east bound that was bad!  Crossed the river and we were in Arkansas! Headed North on I55 to exit 14 and the West Memphis KOA.  Home for the night..we took a RV walk, had tacos for dinner and called it a night.  

St. Jude hospital in Memphis..:)

Mississippi River

Our home for the night

The company we keep...hahah..

A view from the campground
Planning on making it to the Clarksville area again...so time to get a move on!!


  1. Dana and I enjoyed your company and had a great time during your visit. We are looking forward to your next visit. ☺

  2. We enjoyed the visit soo much!!!! Can't wait to come back and just enjoy! Loved watching the baby cows come into the world :)