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Monday, March 6, 2017

We're leaving today!

Monday, March 6th...We set the alarm and now we're working on getting ready to head out..

Yesterday we awoke to a beautiful snow covered valley.  I took a short video, but didn't get a picture..dummy...but anyway it was gorgeous.  I love when it snows because it's so pretty but doesn't stick around long.  

It was very cold and windy though..Ken moved the camper up close to the house out back so it made stocking it easy.  

Our little home for the next month or so....
Our two backrests for coffee and computing..

Looking up on the bed

Our two burner stove and counter

Our table..I'm at one end and Ken at the other..
There is a bathroom too but i didn't take a pic..ahahah

Yesterday we got the camper attached to the trailer and other than packing ice chests we should be ready to roll around 0900 or maybe before if I get off this computer ...hahaha..

It's cold outside...Just heard Cool and Georgetown kids have a snow day..so I know I've got some happy grandkids!  

Cheryl called yesterday and said Adam got his first paycheck.  Funny, don't know if it's a CA thing or just where he works but he's gotten some tips and on the check it shows they taxed the tips too.  But still he's a happy camper.  

 Russell and friends at Track Seven Event...
Our social butterfly and Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts..(SBE)

Not sure who the girl is with Russell but just a cute pic..

Lori on the left..Her brother Michael..Steve..don't know the two in the
middle..Russell and his beer wife Jenn..

Looks like a good time was had by all...What is amazing is that SBE started with 6 friends who wanted to 
get together and have a few beers and then post on FB about the craft beers..it now has 9200 members! Does 
good things for charities and promotes different breweries.  

I'd love to post more pics of my other kids..but don't get many pics of them from FB..hint hint...

Gotta get going..263 miles in our day!! 

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