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Saturday, March 11, 2017

This definitely isn't Bluewater State Park!

Ok, let me get you caught up here..finally the pictures from Cathedral Gorge State Park and the military jets playing in the sky made it to my email..loved watching this...

Remember if u click on pics they should enlarge...

At one point there were 8 jets in the sky att he same time..

This was our amazing sunrise yesterday morning (Friday) at Lake Powell, Lone Rock...

Gorgeous huh?

So we got going and headed out..we thought we were doing good time wise, but by the time we got out of Walmart it was almost 1100..

Oh well, we didn't have that far to go..long for us but I think we figured close to 300 miles.  Nice roads all the way through Arizona.  Most of our journey was through Indian Reservations and honestly, what a pigsty along the roads.  There was garbage everywhere!  If a mower came along and mowed, it really showed all the crap that was dumped for hundreds of miles.  Geez...take more pride! 

We didn't have much traffic to speak of...except when you got to one of the small towns then it seemed all the people conglomerated there!  There was no place to pull over and have lunch..so about 1500 Ken pulled over off the road in front of a gas station and we climbed in the back and had our salad.  We knew we'd be at the campground in time for a bar b q...

One thing we noticed is lots and lots of Jeep Patriots in this area..alot more than we ever see!  
I also noticed a lot of mobile homes which is not surprising.  What was surprising is that so many of them take their wood stove (or pellet stove I guess) piping out the front window instead of out a wall..very interesting..I tried to get a pic but unsuccessfully ..different strokes for different folks huh?!

The pics are all AZ until you get to the one of Gallup, NM..

Love watching the terrain change...

Gallup, NM this pic doesn't do the traffic justice..it was

Old Gallup, that I remember as a kid..

We continued on our way..then we got to Gallup, NM..wow..the traffic sucked! So many people, and trucks..we had to turn around, because there was no way to get to the lane that would take us to I40 East..(yuk)...but it had to be done. 

So we're traveling on our merry way..then we see the sign that says Bluewater State Park exit 53..my girl on the phone said 63 but we thought well maybe it's a typo..NOT..we drove 12 miles to the park and it was primitive camping only..not what we wanted.  We traveled a few more miles and the road deadended. What the heck?! 

So 14 more miles back to the freeway, another 10 to exit 63..7 miles to the park ...looks nice..but gate is locked..apparently they lock it after 1700 until March 31st..are you kidding me!! We couldn't get in, they had the spikes so if you are in you can get out but not vice versa..uhhhhh..now what?! 

Well, another 7 back to the freeway and on we headed towards Albuquerque..needless to say neither one of us were happy campers!!  We drove the 100 miles or so to Albuquerque and through town..I've got to say it was beautiful at night..shows how huge that town is! Do I want to live there?? Never! 

Finally on the other side of Albuquerque Ken says ok look for a Loves Travel Stop or something similar..The town of Moriarity comes into view..and a TA truck stop..we pulled in and found a spot amongst the big rigs..Finally..close to 2200..no dinner for us last night.  Battery was low in the camper, which means no heater for the night...pulled out more blankets..a couple of beers and wine..nighty night. I remember as a kid, we would be on our way to Arkansas and daddy would stop at a truck stop outside Albuquerque for breakfast..the best biscuits and gravy ever! Every year it was our stop, and I'm thinking quite possible this was the place..because it was on this side of the freeway, but not gonna find out this time..:( 

We both slept really well, about 0600 we woke up to 26 degrees with a feels like temp of 21...brrr...and because it's so noisy with the big rigs idling Ken turned on the generator so we had heat and coffee! Does it get any better!  

So today, if all goes as planned we have a 88 mile day to Santa Rosa State Park.  We could make it to Amarillo but Ken wants to bar b q and the RV Park there is nice, but just not where you want to bar b q.  Besides, we have to pay a visit to The Big Texan...tradition! ha..

Don sent some really scary pictures of his storm from the other night.  I haven't heard yet if it was classified as a tornado but wouldn't be surprised.  Luckily, Don and Dana escaped any major damage..

On the left the carport used to have the two cars inside..

Veggie stand with damage on right...

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  1. The damage pictures I sent are in Lewisburg. NWS damage team said Lewisburg was hit by straight line winds of 90-95 mph.

    Belfast, just outside of Lewisburg had an EF0 tornado, max winds of 80 mph.