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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yerington, NV to Rachel, NV

Yesterday morning we left home at just about 1000.  Had a beautiful drive through the wilds of Nevada, down 95 to Highway 6 at Tonopah and then Highway 375 to Rachel, NV. We love these highways as theres hardly any traffic there.  Long stretches of mountains and high desert...
The Money Pit and trailer ready to head east!

Walker Lake near Hawthorne, NV

Love this flag in Hawthorne, NV
It is HUGE!

Looking at the snow covered mountains on 395...Pics don't
do it justice..looked like the Alps so beautiful..

We stopped in Tonopah, got into the camper and had a good salad for lunch that I had got all the stuff together at home.  Then on to our destination. 
Highway 6 out of Tonopah..love these
long stretches of Highway..

Beautiful snow covered mountains and the high desert..

Again, no traffic.  We saw military jets playing in the sky, so that was our entertainment for awhile.  Arrived at the Alien Inn at about 1600 or so..It was really cold and the wind was blowing hard.  So we were in the camper the rest of the afternoon.  No TV here but there was an internet signal on our Verizon MIFI.  So surfed the web awhile.  Had our little Happy Hour and then dinner.  Had leftovers...ham, chicken and veggies..yummy. 
Yesterday afternoon a whole group of guys from CA pulled in to the little motel..which is motel rooms in a couple of mobile homes.   Probably used to be a brothel..hahah..they all had ATV's, side by sides, dirt bikes..looks like a good time in the desert for them.  Fireworks went off last night..thinking they had a real good time.  Reminded me of a mini sand mountain group! 

So this morning we got up at about 0600..plugged in the coffee and used our new backrests to read our blogs we follow and anything else.  They work perfectly!  

After breakfast we'll head down the road to Caliente, NV and Cathedral Gorge State Park for the night.  A whopping 83 miles or so!  Our kind of day!  It's beautiful and chilly this morning.  

No wonder my sister Linda is such a happy Grandma...how can you not smile looking at this kid?!

Owen Sonny Byrnes..

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