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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Moriarty NM to Santa Rosa Lake State Park

After a good night's sleep at the Truck Stop we got up and got going..had our coffee, computing and yogurt and fruit for breakfast we were ready for our 88 mile trip to Santa Rosa Lake State Park.  
Coming into Albuquerque the other night

Nice drive through New Mexico.  Lots of weekend traffic and apparently it's spring break back here for the kiddos..
Our spot near the truckers..trucks had already pulled out

Loved Whiting Bros and Stuckeys as kids...

Clines Corners..this is where we spent the night a couple of years ago

Heading into the State Park

We got to the park and surprisingly most spots were taken or reserved, but luckily we found a few!  Picked one and settled in. Electricity and showers, water nearby $14.00 a night.  We're happy campers.  
Santa Rosa Lake State Park

We were here in plenty of time for lunch.  Had us a couple of wraps. yum..Ken went over and took a shower and I deep cleaned the camper.  After living in it for 7 days it needed some TLC.  Just kinda organizing, doing dishes etc.  Even mopped the floor..yep I feel better.  Then it was time for my shower. Nice..
My wrap..had to cut off some otherwise it would be too big
We like the spinach tortilla shells better
but Walmart didn't have them :(

Ken's wrap

I got back and the wind had really picked up and temps had dropped so we ended up spending most of the later afternoon inside the camper.  All good.  

Later Ken braved the wind and cold to bar b q up some burgers and they were yummy!  (Sorry Dr. Grant, just gotta do it once in awhile)..haha

Off to bed and sleepy time!  

Clocks forward an hour so we got up at 0600 the new time.  Today going into Texas thinking we're going to lose another hour.  So we have about 180 miles today to Amarillo...so with that being said..better git! 

Don sent these this morning of TN snow! Beautiful!!

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Dusty, Chelsea and Owen out for a walk..looks like nice
weather...Fair Oaks, CA.

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