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Monday, March 13, 2017

Santa Rosa Lake to Amarillo, TX...

Coming into Texas these ugly looking windmills are what greets you, and they go on for miles and miles..I realize they serve a purpose, but they sure do ruin the view. 

I love silos!

Some wide open green fields..


Love this!

Had a nice drive from Santa Rosa, NM  to Amarillo right about 180 miles.   Amarillo is such a huge town.  Seemed like when we were kids and young that is was just a hole in the wall..NOT.

We got to the campground about 1430 TX time..as we lost another hour coming into TX.  We settled in until about 1600 and then headed over to the Big Texan Restaurant which isn't too far from us here at the campground.  

We walked around awhile and were amazed at all the people there!  It's definitely Spring Break here!  All kinds of families and the place was  packed.  We had to wait a bit so went to the bar and ordered a beer and glass of wine. We no more than got it and we were called in to dining room.  Never have we seen it so busy!  
The saying over the bar..

The bar in the Big Texan

I hate even taking a picture of this snake!

Rattlesnake IPA, Bogle Chardonnay

The Big Texan dining room

We really enjoy their food here, except way too much bread on the sandwiches..so how to fix it? Just tear it off..hahah..then it's wonderful.  I had a chicken breast sandwich and Ken had a pulled pork sandwich.all very good.  

After dinner we came back to the camper and watched some tv before bed.  

This morning, we got up, computing, coffee and showers.  We knew we were headed over to Youngbloods Cafe close to downtown Amarillo.  We've been there a couple of times and their food is awesome and plentiful!  The place is always crowded but you get right in.  Nothing has changed in two years, food was incredible!  
Green Chile Omelet..biscuit and gravy..yumm..Some
of this came home..

After breakfast we headed out to do a few errands grocery store, bank, Tractor Supply (for a baseball cap for Ken, left his home) and then back to the Big Texan to get Ken a 1/2 gallon of the beer he liked..Rattlesnake IPA.  Diesel and then back home. 

A fun afternoon, laundry..but it's gotta be done.  We're all ready to leave tomorrow.  We plan on getting to Lake Eufuala in Oklahoma if all goes as planned.  

Don sent this picture of Happy Cows in Tennessee!

Popped up on FB from a year ago..Thinking Aaron is taller than
Uncle Bryan now!

Lori posted this..Apparently in the sixth grade rankings of Northern Ca
Aaron's Team is ranked 6th..pretty darn good..

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