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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rachel, NV to Cathedral Gorge State Park NV

We actually got out of Rachel, NV at about 0930 yesterday! Shocking for us..we had some greek yogurt with strawberries, pineapple and a banana for breakfast which was really yummy.  
The fire truck..notice the plate?

There are aliens watching you from the window

Had a beautiful drive to Cathedral Gorge and it was probably closer to a 100 mile day but still ok.  The skies were filled with military jets out of Nellis AFB.  The com trails they left were something to see.  One of the guys, Keith who we talked with told us it is Red Flag Week so the jets are having fun playing war games and such.  I've got to admit I couldn't keep my eyes off the skies from watching!  

We arrived at Cathedral Gorge State Park a bit before lunch.  We were really surprised that we were the only ones in the campground.  We could see people over at day use but not until much later did anyone come into the campground. When we were here two years ago, there were quite a few other campers.  

We picked our spot and settled in for the day and the evening.  We had a nice lunch of hummus wraps for lunch.  I used to think I didn't like hummus, and I doubt that Ken even knew what it was.  So we use the OLE brand of Spinach Herb tortillas..roasted red pepper hummus, artichoke hearts (not the marinated kind), red pepper strips, cheese, lettuce tomato and onion..roll it up and it's a beautiful and tasty lunch!

I made some potato salad yesterday afternoon and Ken bar b q used some pork steaks, not quite what daddy used to cook, not much fat at all, but yummy just the same!  

We had a nice fire for the evening as it was quite cool.  Then called it a night! 

This morning, we'll take our time before heading out as we're visiting one more state park in NV before we leave the state and decide which way to go.  I'm thinking it's a 20 mile drive or so before we hit the next park..haha

Found out yesterday that Jacob, Aaron and Mason are available for Easter Week so know for sure we'll be back then!  

I have more pics to post but we only have 3g here..so it's not working well..i'll try later on..so check back..
Well apparently the pics aren't going to work for some reason..but if they ever come up i'll post those..

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