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Friday, March 24, 2017

West Memphis KOA to Clarksville, Arkansas via Highway 64!

We left Memphis KOA this morning about 1100...I know we are slow getting going!  We drove southward a couple of miles and got off on Highway 64 West.  What a nice drive! Just like yesterday we drove through farms and fields..little towns along the way..and best of all...hardly any trucks!!  

Hoping my sisters especially will like some of these pics going across Arkansas..shows how beautiful and different the terrain is..Love the different houses, silos and just everything is..Arkansas has a big piece of my heart...

Pictures across Arkansas....

We followed 64 over to Conway, Arkansas where we met up with I 40 for some miles.  We knew we wanted to get to Spadra Lake Campground where we had been last week heading to Don's house. Highway 64 is a fast moving 2 to 4 lane highway.  We pulled over at a Walmart in Wynne Arkansas.  As soon as Ken was outside a nice couple pulled up by the trailer..I could see she was taking pictures of the tractor.  I had gone inside the cabover to use the bathroom..  I heard "well, my wife does" so thought I better get out there..turns out they were the nicest people Terry and Tina..we made ourselves Facebook friends so she could post a pic of the tractor. They told us if we took it to someone there in town, we'd make good $$ on the tractor right then..well, no can't do it..not yet anyway...haha..Good folks, he grew up right there in Wynne..told Ken a few stories, that make us not want to come back in the summer!

Below are just some random pics of Highway 64 West across Arkansas...

Beebe Arkansas...

Looks like Clarksville could be getting a new bus!

Love the flag!

This one is near Russellville, I 40..
 Ok, I've probably told this story before but..when we were kids in Arkansas we used to get ice cream sundaes all the time in Clarksville..One day we went to Russellville for some reason, it was a much bigger town than Clarksville, so mom and daddy would go for the big stuff.  Well, Dairy Queen had their Banana Splits on sale ..so I got my first banana split ever! YUMMM..I was probably 9 or 10..I always think of Russellville and Banana Splits..:))

Lake Dardnelle..Russellville area..

I40 Russellville area..

We got here late afternoon and set up after finally finding a place to camp. We are right on the water in a spot we've been before. It is spring break so there are a lot of people here at the campground. We thought about bar b q ing but we had stuff left over from tacos from last night and decided to go with that.  The weather was awesome..as we speak I have the door opened for the night..if it gets cool we'll close it, but we needed something.  No storms yet.  
Looking over and there's a huge fire..notice the barge on
the Arkansas River...

From our campsite

Another view from camp

Out the camper door..

Another view as the sun going down..
Good night from Spadra, Clarksville, Arkansas

Tomorrow we'll head for Ree's neck of the woods..Pawhuska and see what we can find. Hopefully there's space available for Osage State Park where we've stayed before.  

Dusty, Owen and Chelsea..Love this pic..

My great nephew Owen, driving his daddy's truck..


  1. Looks like a wonderful travel day, we were so close yet so far away, enjoy your time there.

  2. I know...next year George we'll meet up!