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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pawhuska, Oklahoma to Garden City, KS

We set the alarm this morning (Sunday) for 0500.  I was already awake as I woke up at 0310 and couldn't go back to sleep..hate it when that happens.  
We had our coffees and computing then went down to take showers hoping to beat everyone else and we did! 

Had our breakfast and off we went..we left about 0830 and headed out! Pawhuska was certainly a lot quieter this morning than yesterday.  Sunday most things are closed back this way..and we like it that way.  

**Remember to click on the pics and they should get bigger if you want..**
Ree and family bought this building for shipping of Mercantile
Products..thinking she's keeping it incognito..

Love this

Drummond Ranch...it is huge..seem to go on for miles!

Crossing the Arkansas River once again :)
Ponca City OK...seems to be the home to Phillips 66..Conoco  
There will be silo, barn, and cute house overload..be prepared..hahah

Love the farmlands and barns..

Oh and silos too!! 

homes too...


Pond Creek OK..

Beautiful crop..just not sure what it is..

Nash County Co op

Love these old, red silos..

Hmm...I could live there!

Alva, Oklahoma which is host to Northwestern OK University..

I think at one time this was a little church 

Alva OK..cute place! 

Just sitting out on the prairie..

Buffalo, Ok we thought it would be bigger..but most of the
storefronts are gone..so sad..

When we were headed to Don's a couple of weeks ago we heard about some fires on the Kansas prairie and in Texas..we actually heard a couple of devastating stories.  We didn't realize where this was happening until we came upon Ellingwood, Kansas just inside the Kansas border.  There were road signs warning us of fire damage. Wow..we were so surprised..actually coming into Ellingwood we were commenting that it looked like the prairie was turning into sand dunes...guess cause it burned the dried grass and underneath was a sandy soil..
Ellingwood, KS

Probably need to click on the picture but as you are coming
into town..this burned out house..it seemed they should have
been able to save it..but maybe it was a pigsty and nobody wanted it
saved..we've seen a lot of those..

Outside of town and some burned bushes

More burnt

Burnt trees...

Looking out to Dodge City which we were
able to avoid...

Dodge City Co op..

Had a beautiful drive from Pawhuska to Alva OK where we had lunch in the Atwood parking lot.  After that we headed towards Garden City, KS.  

The ride through the fields and cows was just beautiful.  I love all the silos in the small towns and just the farmhouses and land throughout. 

Then you have these windmills..these were in Kansas..go on for miles and we could see more being built. In order to deliver ONE blade you have to have one escort vehicle in the front and behind..You don't realize how big those blades are until you come across a truck delivering ONE blade. When we pulled into Garden City we saw a storage lot full of the parts to be delivered to the fields to keep building..shame..  

Here's one ready to be built

More in the process...uhh..

We got fuel here in Garden City and had seen this RV Park where we are as we were coming into town.  So we came back and have a nice (well decent) place to spend the night.  This used to be a KOA but am sure it's not now because it wouldn't meet their standards.  Nice looking RV's and the hookups work.  

We were able to stay off the interstates all day.  We took Highway 60 to 64 and then to 400 and now Highway 50..which we'll take all the way to NV. 

Russell and family were in Oakland for the weekend for Basketball tournaments for YBA where the kids play.  Aaron and team came in as champions!  Jacob not so much but hopefully they had a good time! 
Grandson Aaron on the right! 
Ken bar b qued chicken the other night..so tonight because we don't want
to bar b q here..he heated the chicken breasts..added anaheim chili and
swiss cheese..cooked it in the toaster oven..I added red potatoes and
asparagus..does it get any better?!
365 miles done!  We're up here in Garden City and it's a cold 34 degrees..so start the day and end up some where in beautiful Colorado..

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