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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're home and it's hot!

Sunday morning after breakfast Adam headed home in his car and we headed out with Seth driving towards CA.  He drove the first 80 miles to get us to Highway 50.  Then I drove to Antelope where we visited with Russell and Lori for a bit and then headed back up the hill towards the campground.  Turtle Rock was full so Ken went across the street for 4 miles to Indian Creek Campground.  Only $10.00 a night because he's got the America the Beautiful pass.  There's a beautiful lake which is really full because of all the rain and snowmelt.  The campground was pretty full, amazing as we thought on a Sunday most people would be going home..but it's Summer.  Seth drove 33 miles into the campground from Highway 50.  He did an awesome job! 

We got there, met up with Ken and then headed out to look for good fishing spots.  Found one, but no fish for our kids.  They still enjoyed trying anyway. Ken bar b qued some hot dogs for dinner with some pork and beans and chips. Simple but it worked.  Warm nights and cool mornings. Hot days!  
Seth checking out the water while fishing..

Mason fishing..

Mason fishing

Nice family there..they caught 2 fish..

Papa and Mason..notice Ken's shirt is wet?
He fell in while checking out the temp of the water..hahah


Looks relaxing..

Yesterday, we decided to head for Hope Valley and some river fishing.  The kids enjoyed but still no fish.  We were able to sit underneath some trees and feel a nice breeze.  After awhile we headed back to the day use area of the lake and found a nice area to have lunch and shade.  We stayed there awhile, but the kids were done with fishing.  We went back to camp and just hung out the rest of the afternoon.  Nothing too exciting but it worked.  Ken and I went up to the bathrooms and took showers, I can tell you neither of us wanted to get out it felt soo good!  We have a nice shower in the trailer, but not unlimited water! 
Hope Valley, CA..

Ken, Seth and Mason coming back from checking the river




Seth, Mason and Papa..and the beautiful river

Not sure what that's about..but Mason casting..
Indian Creek Resovoir

Mason at our lunch spot


Seth getting a little sun and getting a little nap in..


Papa bar b suing and awesome pork dinner

Our campsite

Seth enjoying a nap after lunch..

Ken bar b qued some delicious pork for dinner.  I had made potato salad earlier in the day sothere was a choice of mashed potatoes or potato salad or both. Some delicious corn was cooked too.  Yumm!  

This morning when Seth and I left the campground at 0915 it was 87 degrees already...uhhh. We headed to Raleys in Gardnerville to pick up a prescription and then home.  Seth drove the 84 miles home! Awesome Seth! 

So home now and unloaded the trailer.  Now it's 101 degrees and we're inside in the air-conditioning..well except for Ken, he's taping up the rear window in the new Patriot so I can take it tomorrow to take Seth and Mason home for a week or two.  He's taking the orange Patriot to Carson City tomorrow to get a new tire, so all four tires will be new. 

Congratulations are in order for our niece Samantha and her sweetie Cody..they just adopted an adorable 10 month old baby boy! So happy for them!!
The happy little family..Samantha, Cody and Baby Slater :))

Some random pics just because....

Father's Day breakfast w 5 of my favorite guys! Adam, Mason, Aaron,
Seth and Papa! 

We watched the video "Long Ears Everywhere"
Adam when he was 3..cutest cowboy ever at
Mule Days...

Mason checking out the water at Indian Creek

Seth fishing at Hope Valley


Our sunset last Saturday night...love NV..

Highway 88..Seth driving..excuse
the windshield ..


  1. You are getting a lot of great family visits in and lots of fishing! Family time is so important. Great sunset pictures!
    I really think it is nice that our guys look after us. There are so many things Bill does for me before he leaves for a couple of days and even when we are here together, I try to remember to thank him each time. I like to know how to do certain things, just in case, but love that he does them!

  2. Hope Valley looks really nice. I'd like to visit there someday.

    Great pics of Ken and the boys.