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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not a whole lot going on..

Yesterday morning (Saturday) after visiting with friends via internet and blogging we were talking about what to do.  Hot August Nights came up and went right where it should be back down..too many people.  Then we talked about Bodie Days.  Bodie Days is a day long event where Bodie State Park celebrates its history.  Sounds like a fun event, but we've been to Bodie when there's nothing going on and parking is still difficult, so we decided against that. Think we had our fill of people from Mammoth the day before. haha..

A couple of pics below of Bodie, we were there a couple of years ago with Seth and Mason while we were camping at Bridgeport, CA.  It started hailing and freezing rain..we ran to the truck and were cold to the bones!  Good times..haha

Love the old buildings..the stories they could tell! 

Our sunrise yesterday! You can tell by the time it's coming up
later and later..

Instead we decided to stay home and see what we could find to do here.  There's always something and more.  After breakfast Ken headed to town to see about getting the paperwork filled in for registering the other two quads.  Last time he got that done was on a Saturday at the equipment place in town.  You have to be certified by the state in order to fill out the paper.  Well, they only have one certified guy and he works every other Saturday (figures).  So he'll try again during the week.  

He came back home and decided to work on a couple of bicycles we have that have one problem or the other.  A few years ago we bought a few at Walmart for about $100.00 a piece, mainly so we'd have them here when the grandsons come.  They do use them, but when they were going uphill they must have pushed so hard the pedals broke!  He's had a heck of a time getting them off so we can replace them.  He called our son, Eric who has spent a lot of time on bicycles during his 42 years.  Eric gave him the info and then it was oh so easy! Thanks Eric!  Now we just have to find some pedals and they should be ready to go.  He had to fix a flat, and got that done, several times haha..

I ran to the grocery store in town for a few things.  Ken wanted stuffed bell peppers (with ground chicken breast) so got that and a few other things of course.  Got those made and then enjoyed the afternoon.  It's hot again, but thankfully not the 100's.  Upper 90's so we still need the a/c in the afternoon. 

Stuffed Bell Peppers with chicken and cheese..they
were yummy! 

Eric posted this pic of the 61 Chevy Impala he's working on..and because it's in front of that pond, you know its running!  

Eric's 1961 Chevy Impala..and sunset! 
Seth and Mason :)

6 years ago when we took the kids to Yellowstone..


  1. Nothing wrong with staying put for a day either. :)
    Seems like Ken has things to putter on and you get to relax!
    Your stuffed peppers look yummy. Do you grind your chicken breast yourself or buy it like that? I wish I could find canned chicken breast here in Ontario like in the US but haven't yet.

  2. I bought the chicken breast already ground. I remember my mom had a grinder but I wouldn't even know how to do it if I had one..haha..The canned chicken breast is nice, forgot about that it would have worked perfectly for this. I'm happy if I can read but not the hubby..