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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A little trip talk.. and a change of plans for the next few days..

We had a great trip and now we're home.  We were expecting our Brother in law Shawn, his son in law Aaron and his daughter Angelina.  Yesterday it was mutually decided to put off the visit until this fall.  Shawn enjoys shooting and we have the gun range near here but with it being Labor Day weekend and in the low 100's would pretty much take the fun away.  If they come in the fall they can take the quads out to the BLM land just down the road and shoot to his hearts content.  Sis in law Diane called last night and said that she and Jesse couldn't make it.  I kinda figured that one already.  So, what to do? 

Kept track of our trip this last week.  1185 miles were travelled.  $286.00 in gas and $60.00 in camp fees.  Not bad for camping especially since we spent 3 nights at full hook  up parks.  Ken's Nevada Senior Pass really helps in camping fees.  

I was looking at our NV State Parks brochure.  Nevada has 22 State Parks as of right now. 1 more to built near here in the near future.  Out of the 22 parks we've been to 18.  

There's Beaver Dam State Park near the area we just were, but it's 24 miles of gravel road to get to it and you have to come the same way out.  So we probably won't be visiting that one.  

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park are just parks with no camping and they're near Las Vegas, so not on our bucket list. haha

Elgin School House we might get too or not..just a park no camping.  

Most of the ones we've visited we would go back to except Dayton State Park and Fort Churchill State Park..too overgrown and dry.  Wildhorse, I'm glad we checked out, but don't have a desire to go back.  

Tuesday morning we slept in until about 0700.  We slept in the guest room as air conditioning was needed all night.  It was warm and overcast when we got up.  Had about 10 raindrops (haha) on the tin roof that I heard.  

We did our visiting with blogging friends, checking emails etc and eventually pulled ourselves out of bed.  Ken went to the treadmill, I just couldn't get myself there yet. Did some indoor exercises and enjoyed Trishas Southern Kitchen at the same time. Had our breakfast and on with the day. 

Ken attempted to get the quads paperwork done for the fourth time.  He ran to the place in town, where only 1 guy is state qualified to sign off the paperwork needed.  Well, for the fourth time he was not there. He was out to lunch at 1430.  Needless to say he's pretty frustrated.  So we'll find someplace else.  The state now wants the atvs registered but the way it has to be done is ridiculous.  Feeling like Don in TN when your'e trying to get something done!  

I ran to Scolari's for a few groceries and mailed a couple of letters.  

Quit everything outside around 1500 just too darn hot!  

Simple fare for dinner, veggie burger and veggies for me and two Salmon Burgers with cheese for Ken and some homemade coleslaw.

So we sat around talking and decided we need to go to Reno for some things soon.  180 mile roundtrip so I got online and made reservations for KOA at Boomtown for Thursday and Friday night.  We would stay at WAshoe State Park, but no hookups and we know we'll need air conditioning.  We'll leave tomorrow morning and come back on Saturday.  The Rib Cook Off is going on and there will be tons of people in Reno, but figuring most will be there on Saturday and Sunday.  We'll probably take a walk through on Friday morning.  We don't eat the bar b q stuff anyway, but it's fun to look at the different booths.  Or not....

Our Sunset last night..

It was soo pink!

Always loved Paul Harvey..so couldn't resist this ..

This I loved and finally found..so had to order
Reminds me of all the old hymns we used to sing in
church in Arkansas when we were kids.  The Old Rugged
Cross still makes me cry every time I hear it..

Our morning view
You all have a wonderful day!  


  1. Love state parks and you are doing well with them, Good luck with the ATV stuff.

  2. You have made a huge dentin you list of state parks to visit! Sounds like you are having similar trouble like Bill is with his new license thing. So frustrating.
    What an absolutely gorgeous pink sky!