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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ely, NV to Spring Valley State Park, NV

August 24th evening..  Had a great dinner at Margarita's inside the Prospector Hotel and RV Park.  The Mexican food and is plentiful, delicious and well priced!  
Salsa was excellent!

My veggie fajitas..you wonder why it lasted for 2 dinners plus
a lunch!?
*Remember to click on pics if you want to enlarge*

After dinner we went back to the trailer and watched a little local TV and then called it a night.  Figured we'd wake up whenever we did so we didn't set the alarm.  Knew we only had about 110 miles to drive to Spring Valley State Park or so. 
August 25th... Got everything ready to go and then walked over to Margarita's for an awesome breakfast.  We both ordered off the senior menu and it was plenty.  I went for the ham and cheese omelet and their Margarita potatoes (hash browns, bell pepper, onion and cheese) and 1 slice of toast.  That's fine with us because after eating all the good stuff, the second piece would be thrown out.  Mine was $5.25.  Ken ordered the chicken fried steak, eggs and potatoes his was $5.75. We both left very full!  
Our site in Ely, NV

Too cute..this little old cabin

Sunset out the back window in Ely, NV

Headed down Highway 93 to Pioche and followed the road back to Spring Valley State Park.  

Love the traffic!

Out in the middle of nowhere...

This ranch was out in the middle of nowhere..
appeared they may have had a working guest ranch
at one time..

Love the views..

Nice lake there.  Ken talked to a couple of rangers there who told us not to go to the campground near the end of the road as our trailer and truck wouldn't fit.  Ok, so we drove through Horsethief Gulch Campground.  Love that name!  Found a huge site and backed in.  This campground does not have hookups but has a nice picnic table with cover and a fire ring, showers too.  It's beautiful with all the trees and mountains there.  Camping was FREE for us, as I'm with the old guy haha ...There is no phone or internet signal.  There is a pay phone for 911 calls. 
Ken checking out the information sign at Spring Valley

The lake

Horsethief Gulch Campground

Our campsite..

We set up and then took a drive to the end of the road where the other campground was.  Gotta tell you the ranger was right.  The campground was full with tents!  Small little sites and I'm thinking that it may have been one of those adventure vans as there were no vehicles there at all!  All the same kinds of tents too.  There was just too much to photograph as the scenery going in and out was too incredible..so you know what that means?!  Too many pictures..sorry sometimes i just can't help myself..wish you all were here to see this!
Heading back to check out the area..

Stone cabin

Pictures don't do the magnificence of these mountains ..

Love the old fencing..

These are huge!!

Looks like he had a hammock set up for nighttime 

Tents in amongst the rocks..reminds me of Joshua Tree NP

This Stone Cabin was closed..would love to know the story!

Love the old implements

 We ended up pulling into day use there and sitting for a bit watching the water and people.  

The hubby an me..

And again! 

Back to camp and enjoyed sitting outside in the shade.  It actually got cool enough to have a fire.  We moved away for a bit before going inside just to see the millions of stars! Incredible!!  Inside we put together left overs for dinner and then went outside to eat under the glow of a flashlight and campfire. Nice! 

August 26th... This morning we woke up at 0630 and had our coffees.  Went quicker this morning as we had no friends to visit with via blogs.:(  Showers, breakfast and we headed out.  We headed toward Echo Canyon State Campground only about 20 miles away or so.  I know, long day! We got here just about 1100.  Another beautiful drive in!  This campground has full hookups, showers  and huge sites!  We even have 3g service on the mifi.   Only $10.00 a night because of Ken's Nevada Senior Pass..and that's because we chose to have electricity..could have had the site with sewer and water for FREE but we wanted the power. 

It's really warm here, so gotta say the air conditioning makes it nice.  We had lunch inside and watched the old Chevy Chase European Vacation.  Now we're settled outside in the shade. Breeze blowing but it's warm!  Very quiet here only a few other campers.  There were a few more when we got here but left about 1200.  Maybe the fight that's on tonight is driving people home on a Saturday?  Oh well that's ok with us.  

Ken's going to bar b q some burgers for dinner tonight.  We'll probably head out as there's not much to do here.  I can always read, but not so much for hubby. There is a lake nearby but it looks like the algae is taking over.  Probably end up in Rachel, NV tomorrow where the aliens from space hang out.  Then home probably Monday.  
Going out of the campground towards Echo Valley

Our Campsite..huge!

The view from the campsite

From the top of the hill...

Group camping near by..

Another view ..:)

The lake down below..last time we checked it out was a lot fuller
you can see the boat ramp on the left..shame

Ken coming up the hill with a drink for us both..

The bathrooms and showers..
Sun going down..love our sunsets..

It's a great trip but we'll be heading out in a few weeks or before.  Heading to the Oregon coast for a bit, probably stopping in to see some old friends that moved to Oregon several years ago.  We'll have company next weekend so it'll give me time to get ready.  

August 27th..Probably about 0700 we got up and had our coffees.  Enough internet to visit with our blogging friends and get caught up on a few days.  Not enough internet to download pictures though..so maybe tonight? Had our breakfast, showers and then got loaded up and down the road we go at 1130.  Oh well, only about 120 miles today.  Thought i'd try and see if there's enough service here in Panacea, NV to download pics..nope. 

We went ahead and drove to Tonopah, NV instead of staying in Rachel.  We're in an RV Park..but not to overwhelm (hahaha)I'll post new blog in the morning before we leave.. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and coming along on our trip..It's hot here in Tonopah, glad we've got air conditioning..


  1. Beautiful!!! Wish I was there. Such awe breath taking rock formations

    1. It is definitely someplace to put on your "bucket list"!

  2. What a beautiful trip you are having! So nice to just go where and when you want. Too many things to comment on so will sum it up with that. Your pictures are gorgeous and interesting things. Your campsites look huge!

    1. We have really enjoyed..now looking forward to the next one in September. NV State Parks does an excellent job on most of their campgrounds, but again we've been to a few that we'd never go back. You don't know until you go right?!

  3. Looks like you are having a very enjoyable journey , and your photos wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much George! I get carried away sometimes! Just gotta love the beauty!