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Sunday, August 20, 2017

A long day yesterday. Relaxing in Rocklin, CA

OOpsie...This was supposed to be posted Friday Morning..guess I stuck it in Drafts...

Yesterday (Thursday) I left home around 0930 or so which i thought would give me plenty of time to do everything I wanted and get to the hotel pretty early.  It was a nice drive, I went Highway 50 because i figured on Sunday I'd probably go 80 home so I didn't want to do both the same.  I enjoy 50 more.  

I thought I'd have time to do a little shopping (just because) I stopped at Target near Sunrise Mall..OH MY doesn't anyone work anymore!  So packed and it was like 1330 on a Thursday! One thing I did find, I never have to go clothes shopping there ever again!  Their clothes are like you have to be 17 and a size 2!  I'm thinking it's been over a year since I've been in a Target store.  I did pick up some frig items I left at home (figures huh).  

How did that happen you ask, because you know I made a list.  Well, I was so busy checking the list I made for Ken I forgot to check the list I made for me! haha..Oh well..

After that I slowly made my way to Antelope Rd and the freeway.  I used to get my hair cut and eyebrows done there when I was working (of course that's 7 1/2 years ago).  Well, the shop is still there, changed hands, and more expensive (but not bad).  Nice Asian girls who are not afraid to cut hair, so that being said it's a little shorter than I wanted but hey hair will grow.  But feels so much better now!  I love the way Linda's daughter in law Chelsea cuts hair, but since i hardly get over here, and she's working certain hours I figure I better get it cut and then try and get someone in NV to cut it now and then.  (OR Arizona in Jan!) 

After leaving there it was about 1630 so I headed to to hotel finally!  Pretty much wiped out!  Because I could I jumped in the shower, threw on my jimmies and that's where i stayed!  

Talked with Ken and at that time he was waiting for all the guys to get back from a 180 mile ride.  He was getting ready to bar b q some chicken thighs. I didn't hear from him the rest of the evening, so I'm hoping he had a great time. 

I awoke at 0500 and here i am.  Time to get going, I'll be at Linda's at just about 0930 and then we'll head to the beach.  A stop for lunch at Laguintas Brewery in Petaluma.  

Sorry no pictures, but guaranteed there will be on the next post from the coast!

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