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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Catch up and some sad news...

Sunday afternoon was just plain lazy!  We were planning on bar b q chicken for dinner but we ended up watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and of course it was all hamburgers!  So what did we do? Switched from chicken to hamburgers.  I don't eat hamburgers very often but when I do I like Ken's bar b q burgers.  He didn't disappoint!  It was worth breaking the diet (haha).  
Ken's double cheeseburger! 

See why I love his burgers!

Monday morning I got out and decided to really clean the Komfort 5th wheel our stationary fifth wheel.  Long story short, it was our retirement 5th wheel, but didn't make it to retirement as the insurance company totalled it  after the frame and box tilted after a weekend at Winnemucca Dunes several years ago.  So we bought it back from  the insurance company to use a home base when we had our Winnemucca property.  Now it sits here in Yerington.  I love that RV it was the best we've ever had.  Now it's a little apartment if we have company.  The a/c doesn't work anymore but everything else does.  

It needed a little freshening up as it looks like we'll have company on Labor Day weekend.  So they can stay out there if they like or not.  

I did make a pair of room darkening curtains for up by the bed so today we'll get a tension rod or two at Walmart.  

After finishing that it was hot and Ken was finishing his project, of clearing weeds from around our hay drill at the beginning of the driveway.  Looks so much better now.  Those darn tumbleweeds, how they multiply.  

We enjoyed our front porch sittin...probably way too much.  Ken bar b qed the chicken we didn't do on Sunday and it was delicious.  

Today (Tuesday) he just got back from the dump and we're going to Gardnerville and pick up some groceries and stuff.  The day will pretty much be done by the time we get home. Tomorrow we'll both be around and Thursday we'll go our separate ways.  I'm heading over the hill for a few days with my sister, Linda and her family.  She rents a house at Dillon's Beach every year and she asked if I wanted to come.  well, duh!! Adam is the only grandkid not back at school yet, so he got a few days off from the pizza place and is coming with us. I'll be back  home Sunday afternoon. 

Ken has some friends he used to work with who come over to the area every year and watch Best In The Desert a race from Vegas to Reno on the dirt roads.   They hang out in Silver Springs for a few days.  Ken's gone over the last two years and spent a night so he's going to head over there on Thursday and spend 2 nights.  I was going to go with him this year but the beach or the hot hot desert?!  hmm..

Well, timing worked out that we made Carson Valley Inn for lunch at 1300..funny how that happens.  Ken ordered corned beef and cabbage, was a shocker.  It looked awesome and he really enjoyed it.  I opted for the big bird, turkey and it was huge!  I gotta say we've never had a bad meal there in the years we've been going! 

Ken's corned beef and cabbage.  I can say in almost 45 years of
marriage, I've never made it.  He loved it and he's not a fan of
carrots but liked these!

The big bird..no I didn't eat it all! 
Looks like we've made the decision to head out for a few days next week.  We're going to check out Wildhorse Resorvoir in northeastern Nevada.  We've never been so are looking forward to it! 

Got some sad news this afternoon.  My cousin Mary Ann in Kansas passed away.  I think she's about 58 years old.  She's had major health problems for years and been bedridden.  She's fought death several times over the years but it looks like bedsores going septic got her this time.  MaryAnn was the sweetest girl ever!  She would send cards for any occasion and call out of the blue.  We saw her a few years ago at her apartment and she was only able to sit in a wheelchair for about an hour, then she had to go back to bed.  She always had a positive outlook given her circumstances.  She loved Ken always called him her Kennnnnn.  With that cute little southern drawl she really dragged  his name out.  They say the good die young..and so true in this case.  She leaves behind two daughters and 4 young grandsons. My heart breaks for her girls.   


  1. First, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet cousin, Mary Ann. That is far too young. The only blessing (if we try to find one) is that she is no longer uncomfortable and will remain an angel to watch over you.
    Second, your sunset pictures are awesome!
    Third, can't wait to see the new curtains and the freshened up room in your fifth wheel apartment.
    Fourth, girls'time! (well, Adam excepted) I would love the beach visit too.
    Have fun!

  2. Thank you. I guess I won't clear enough in my writing haha..Linda, hubby Bobby, Dusty, Chelsea and cute little Owen along w our nephew Jesse and Adam..so us girls will be outnumbered a bit but that's ok..this time! haha. Our sunsets have been outdoing themselves lately I've got to say. Thank you for reading!