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Monday, August 7, 2017

A nice time with neighbors and a review..

Yesterday evening we headed next door and enjoyed a few hours of conversation with our neighbors and another couple who came for the bar b q.  Joe cooked up a ton of chicken, chorizo, grilled corn and garlic bread.  Well, by the time it was done the smell was killing me so I ate! Boy was it good! Joe started a fire in the fire pit and it was nice that it had cooled off enough to have a fire, because no way would that have happened in the last several weeks.  So we visited some more! We sure lucked out when they moved in a few years back.  We give each other space but know each other is there when we need or want. 
Ryle decided to give herself a mud facial and her hands too..

Rylee and her daddy, Joe..

Before we left last night Ken brought up going to Dini's for breakfast this morning so we met there along with Stacey's mom for a delicious start to the day.  
Sunset from Joe and Stacey's place..

Got home and finally I got started on clearing out the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  So glad I got that done finally.  Some more general cleaning and whatever else I felt like doing.  

Ken started all the quads and then worked on a few bicycles that always seem to need something.  We didn't have lunch but about 1430 or so we had some veggie snacks and cheese just to hold us until dinner.  

87 degrees right now, much better than it has been!  

REVIEW on THE RIDGE from apachepine.com

Ken's been wearing the watch we got in the mail from apachepine.com. He used to wear a watch but hasn't in many years. I guess having cell phones you always have the time at your fingertips. 

It came in a very nice box that made for a beautiful presentation.  It could be very nicely gift wrapped.  This watch is called "The Ridge". The face is most defininitely a beautiful laser cut outline of the Grand Tetons. The face is made of bamboo, so no two watches would ever be exactly the same. The face of the watch is a really good size and easy to read. There hands of the watch are a nice green color which compliments the lighter bamboo wood.  The watch itself is very simple and light. The band is made of real leather and a nice width.  It does come in different size lengths to fit just above your wrist.  During the time that Ken has been wearing the watch (about 2 weeks now) it has kept really accurate time.  He wears this watch daily and has no plans to change that. 
The watch..

There are no numbers on the face of the watch, not a problem for those of us that were taught how to tell time on the face of a clock and not digitally. We definitely like this aspect of the watch.  

Watches come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. apachepine.com does offer free shipping on every order of $35.00 or more. 

apachepine.com does have several watches and styles to choose from.  Take a look! 

Russell and Jacob went fishing Sunday morning. Not much luck but here's a couple.  Catch and release..

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  1. I'm glad your temperatures are more reasonable, that would be nice here too. :)
    I love the watch, Bill and I wear Fitbits and he has one good watch for nicer occasions. I love that it is called The Ridge! :)