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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thunderstorms and a Doctor Appointment..

Last night as we're waiting for the night to wind down we heard noise outside! Thunder, lightning and rain!  Ok you know what that means, out to the front porch!  We sat in the porch swing for awhile just listening to it happen.  Great way to spend some time! 

Eventually it died down and we went inside.  When we were little and at home in Florida whenever a storm popped up our mom would make us all go sit in the hallway on pillows.  No phone, tv or anything. Not sure why exactly, but my youngest sister Linda still does this.  She thinks we're crazy for going on the porch to enjoy the show.  It did help cool things down so that we were able to sleep in our room with the window and back door open and just a fan on.  Haven't been able to do that in weeks.  

This morning we did our computing and checking in with blogging friends.  We didn't have a lot of time though as Ken had a Dr. appointment in Wellington, about 35 minutes from here.  He's been having lower left back pain and pain in the calf for over 2 1/2 weeks now before the hernia surgery so we know it's not related to that.  Sometimes it's so severe he can't sit or stand. He's had to spend afternoons on the floor with his legs up in the chair.  So it was time to see what this is about.  His Dr. gave him a steroid shot along with an overload shot of Ibuprofen and if it's not feeling better by next Monday then he'll order a X-ray and MRI.  So we're hoping this works, but we shall see. Thank goodness all this waited until he's 65 or we'd be in the poorhouse.  The medical we've had since we retired was catastrophic only..(with two wellness visits a year) so we were banking we'd make 65. So Ken has, now 3yrs and 5 months for me.  
Last night's sunset...from the back porch

As we're listening to the rain..

Good night..we're going in..

After the appointment we headed for Gardnerville and Raleys to pick up a regular prescription for Ken.  Quick stop for gas and Walgreens and we headed home.  Since Ken only had a banana and I had a fruit cup for breakfast we decided to stop at Pioneer Crossing in Yerington for their one trip salad bar ($2.95).  They have the good size plates so you can get full on the good stuff.  Then we came home and just caught up on what didn't get done this morning. 

I spent a little time online this afternoon and bought another set of sheets and a couple cute signs I saw.  

Our panini maker came today so we can't wait to use it.  Looks like you can grill veggies, chicken or even a hamburger too so i see this little goodie getting a lot of use. 
Can't wait to use this!

As I was writing the blog, we heard thunder and then rain! Out to the porch for a few minutes as it didn't last long.  Here in NV whenever we get rain, we love it! Looks like more will be coming later. 

Today..on the porch listening to the rain and thunder

 Russell posted a few pics on FB.  He took the boys fishing for the last time at night before school starts.  It starts tomorrow (Wed)..

This is from this morning when Jacob
went fishing with a friend

Russell..happy with his catch..

2 years ago and Seth when we were
camped at Bridgeport..:)


  1. Hopefully the shot and Ibuprofin helps Ken. We all are close to the same age. Bill turns 65 in September and I turn 63. You're still the youngest! Nice to at least have some benefits with this getting old thing. I never hesitate to tell vendors that I'm a senior if it gets me a % off. :)
    Funny about storms. My Mom used to gather us 6 girls around the piano and we'd sing until it ended while Daddy and my older brother would be out on the porch watching it.

  2. I remember when you were here and a small breeze started blowing. I looked at the sky and said "It's coming". You and Ken did the porch sitting until the hail, lightening, rain and wind drove you inside. I have to admit that was a pretty good storm.

    Glad to read your heat broke for you, we always look forward to the open windows weather here also.

  3. I remember that storm and look forward to another or two when we visit again!