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Monday, August 21, 2017

Dillon Beach update, finally..Ken's update later this afternoon!

Well, here it is Sunday morning already.  We've had a great time and today it'll be time to head home already.  I messed up posting, just discovered this am but i'll try and catch up quickly.  

We met at Linda's on Friday morning.  Once we were all loaded up headed over to Dusty's house where Adam and I added my nephew (his cousin) to the car and off we went following Linda, Bobby, Dusty, Chelsea and Owen headed towards Petaluma and Laguinitas Brewing Company for beer and lunch.  
View from the backseat, once again..Adam driving and Jesse..

After a couple of hours of I80 traffic we arrived and spent a little time there.  Very nice place and you can tell they're doing well as they had expanded since the last time Jesse and Dusty had been there.  Last year I'm thinking.  
Cool implement

Lagunitas outside seating

The bar

Lunch, beer for some, then a little souvenir shopping we were on our way to Dillon Beach.  After about a half hour drive we arrived!  We've stayed at this house several times and it's just perfect for the amount of people there were.  

Unloaded relaxed and headed to the beach for some play time.  The weather was perfect, not too cold but a lot cooler than Sacramento or Yerington. 

Daddy and Adam playing on the floor with Owen...

Mommy and Owen

Dusty, Owen and his "snake"

Jesse and Owen..

Owen and my sis Linda :)

Adam and Owen..

After returning, I stuck the pizzas in the over that I made earlier.  Just a really nice night with family.  Nice..

Yesterday (Saturday) we got up chit chatting and drinking coffee.  We started on a really big breakfast.  Dusty and his dad, Bobby took off on a walk (about 7 miles in all)..Linda and I made hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy..the recipe for the biscuits I was worried about?  AWESOME!  So easy and so good!  Ate too much, but it was worth it!  

After breakfast clean up we just kind of hung around the house chit chatting and watching Owen be adorable.  Bobby took a little snooze and about 1330 or so we headed for Bodega Bay.  Everyone but me likes sea food but I was too stuffed after breakfast to want to eat then anyway.  We found a little place that was packed with people..but what place wasn't on a Saturday afternoon on the California coast.  So Bobby moved the truck over to this parking lot and basically a white trash lunch on the tail gate in the lot.  No problem.  Food looked delicious even if it was deep fried fish and french fries.  Jesse had a clam chowder bowl, which if it was potato soup would have been really incredible. haha.  
Owen..Bobby said he looked like a
mini Hugh Hefner in his Mickey
Mouse Robe...

Mommy and Owen relaxing..

Waiting for food..Mommy, Owen and Bobby (grandpa)

Lunch!  Dusty, Chelsea, LInda, Jesse and Adam

YUMM...Bobby and I didn't eat..too full from breakfast..

After lunch we drove up the coast a bit looking for a beach near the water.  There were lots of beaches but all too packed with cars  No problem a nice drive and then after a stop at the taffy shop we headed back to the house.  Everyone settled in for the rest of the afternoon and i ate a bit of the caesar salad I had ordered the day before.  
Little Owen started not feeling well in the afternoon so he spent most of the afternoon sleeping :(  

About 1700 Adam and I decided to take a walk to the beach and check it out.  Wow..amazing how many people were there!  Adam continued on and I headed back.  On the way I called Ken and we caught up while I was on my way back.  

Bobby bar b qed some cheeseburgers and some veggie burgers which turned out awesome.  Along with some potato salad we had  a great dinner.  Then Linda made some peach cobbler along the lines of a dump cake..yuumm.. We watched the Raiders lose and then it was bedtime for me.  Didn't seem like I did that much, but I was whipped.  

Sunday morning, I was awake and started the blog, (as you can tell by the first statement) but STARTED was the key word.  Had coffee, cleaned up things and headed home with a stop at the Dillons Cafe..oops they don't serve breakfast anymore.  No problem, Adam knew of a place in Petaluma he was at with a friend earlier in the summer.  So we finished up with what was needed from the house and headed to Zax's Place.  Yum.  We had to wait about 15 mins but ended up being worth the wait.  Now we've decided that every year on the way home this will be our stop!  
Looking at the beautiful ocean..Bobby, Dusty and Owen..

Love this pic of Dusty and Owen..:)

Dillon Beach..

Adam drove us to Linda's house where we dropped off Jesse and then to Linda's house where my car was.  Quick visit with my sister Wendy who stayed at Linda's to watch (spoil) the dogs, Tina and Tank. Then I headed out up Highway 50 again to Gardnerville in order to pick up a prescription saving up a trip on Monday.  Got home about 1645.  HOT!   Over a couple glasses of wine talked about my trip and Ken's.  Quick dinner of left over stuff and then off to bed.  

I woke up about 0230..darn allergies are back.  Sure wish i could afford to live on the coast, not a bother at all there..so took a pill and waited to fall back to sleep.  So at 0700 back awake. Darn, hate sleeping the day away!  

Ken loaded the trailer and truck for our trip to Wildhorse Resorvoir tomorrow.  So better get this posted and get myself moving.  

You all were saved with picture overload, since I had my phone and he had the camera.  haha..

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  1. Looks like fun! You've been fed, watered, and see? your biscuits turned out great!I've read two posts at one time here so can't recall everything you've touched on. Glad you both had a bit of away time and both adventures turned out! The beach looks nice too.
    Owen is certainly a cutie!