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Monday, August 28, 2017

Thought we were going to Rachel, NV but changed our minds..

August 27th....We left Echo Canyon about 1130 heading for Rachel, NV and the Alien RV Park. We've stayed several times, but there is no television, and no wifi..it was hot and it was still early.  So we decided to head for Tonopah and the Tonopah Station RV Park. 
Love the Joshua Trees!

Highway 93 NV

LITTLE ALEINN..Love this tow truck with a flying

Their truck..

On the road again...

We pulled over about 1330 and had salad for lunch which was awesome as it was so hot outside. The drive from Echo Canyon to Tonopah was so beautiful and hardly any traffic which we really like!  Wide open spaces! 

I snapped pictures as we drove, even though we've been this way before I just can't help myself.  

Love the roads out here!

An oasis in the desert..yuky looking but I don't think it'll
bother the cows..Highway 6

Cattle crossing..

Well, they made it..glad it wasn't nighttime and someone
going 75 mph..thinking it would be a hard stop..free range

I just liked them

At the junction of Higway 6 and 375 we saw a girl pulled over with her hood up. It was her and her mom, they were just returning from Zion NP when the truck quit.  No cell service out there so we called NHP when we had service and a little later actually saw Highway Patrol coming down the road.  Ken slowed and pulled over, she turned around and knew what we were going to say.  She said we were the third person to let her know about the women.  Said it was nice that so many people cared about them.  Later we saw a tow truck headed that way :)

We pulled into Tonopah Station just about 1700. Got one of the last two pull throughs! They have some back in sites which by the end of the evening were totally full too! Amazing, we saw rigs that had to head down the road somewhere because there were no spots here.  A lot of baby boomers out and about, nice to see! Ken offered to take me to dinner here, but I've opted for breakfast.  It's only about 2 1/2 hours home which makes for a nice day.  

Tonopah Station RV 

A view from our spot at Tonopah

Tonopah Station Hotel and Casino..and yummy restaurant

Sunset from our spot..
Had dinner in the trailer and basically called it a night.  I had internet but no TV oh well.  This morning the 28th we were up about 0630 and had our coffees and visiting with blogging friends. We went over to the casino restaurant and had a delicious breakfast, one that will hold us through the day.  

Great drive home, except it was really smoky not sure where that's coming from. We got home right before 1300 and it's so HOT!  Unloaded the trailer and frig and now just relaxing.  Tomorrow morning when it's cooler we'll finish unloading and get the laundry done.  
The Mizpah Hotel..haunted..

Love this place..

The famous Clown Motel..also haunted and for sale!

Roadwork going on..

Coming into Mina, NV

Kit Kat Ranch..not sure if still in operation  but that Limo
is always there..hmm

Mina Club..probably still in operation on Fri and Sat nights

Luning, NV very depressed community

One of the little fixer uppers

Old piece of equipement

Metal building..love that tin!

Walker Lake outside Hawthorne, NV

Looking on the boat ramp that's so far away from the water

Smoke in the distance changes the whole look of the lake

Down the hill to our turnoff :)
Good to be home, but looking forward to the next trip.  We did 1185 in the last 7 days, doesn't seem like it but we made a big circle. 

Saw on FB today that Eric went on a quad ride Saturday..Ken and I have done the same ride, near Soda Springs, CA..It was before we retired and I was a lot braver then.  Loved seeing the pics Eric took, so gonna share with you. 
View from the top..looking at I 80

The stone lookout..Railroad people would be there with
lanterns..the color of the lantern would let the conductors
know if it was safe to travel on..

Isn't this gorgeous..from the top of the trail

Russell posted that he went fishing by himself, as the boys wanted to sleep in. 
Russell and one of his 10 fish..catch and release..

Aaron played several championship basketball games this weekend. Their 7th grade team played 9th grade teams and WON!  Go Team..Champs one more time!!
Grandson Aaron and team..Aaron is 3 from the left near coach..

Grandson Seth was at the Grizzly game on Friday night.  He just started playing last Tuesday so this Friday he'll be suited up..conditioning first! 
Grandson Seth number 82..No one takes a knee on this team! :)

Today is my Sister Linda and her hubby Bobby's 35th wedding Anniversary! Happy Anniversary you two! Love you both! 
35 years ago today..Linda and Bobby

The wedding party..That's me in the middle..Our son Russell was
the ring bearer and stole the show, when he was trying to look
up the priest's robe..haha

Bobby and Linda ready to embark on their honeymoon

The Cuda was waiting..


  1. Man , he got the girl and the Cuda . He is one lucky guy. Vern in Boise

  2. Yes he was as the Cuda was hers! haha.. Now they have a Charger and another Cuda..they fixed up and sold the other..thinking he didn't like driving one that said "Born to be Wild" after they got married..Thanks for commenting Vern in Boise!

  3. Whoops Vern in Boise, got that wrong..they have a Road Runner..what do I know?

  4. More beautiful pictures. Love the sunset and sky photos.
    Congrats to your sister and hubby. Boy we knew how to dress in those days, eh? :)

  5. Boy didn't we! Hard to believe how fast the years fly by!