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Monday, August 21, 2017

2nd post of the day..Ken's trip..

Ken left home on Thursday arriving at Silver Springs about 1300.  Just in time for lunch.  No one was there again, but he expected that as the group had planned an 80 mile ride one way to Gabbs, NV for lunch.  80 miles back and they returned about 1830.  

So he enjoyed a quiet afternoon by himself out there.  He took some chicken thighs to bar b q and did that when he got bored before the group got back.  

When they all came back, the party started!  Stories to tell, beer to drink haha..

Here's how camp looked when Ken drove up..a few
more than the day before...

Nice Arctic Fox with an empty trailer

Ken relaxing in the shade..you can see the Money Pit and the
cabover on the trailer in the view there..

That's a huge disk with lots of sausage being cooked..propane

Johnny's side by side...nice!

Joel's new side by side!

Two other nice rides!

The Host, Johnny in the grey shirt
Inside Johnny's 40 foot container..nice kitchen area..

Nice bathroom..

Cot against the wall, Johnny takes that out to the porch and
sleeps on it..

Close up of sausage for breakfast burritos..eggs were added!

E Z up with sides up

Karen and Tim's bed set up..

More of the camp

Out at the race on Friday..

Money Pit on the left and getting set up for the race..

Several EZ Ups near the race track..too close if u ask me..

Some of the party crew..Joel, Adam, Kelly and Brandy

Karen, Johnny and Tim
Rear view..hahaha..

One of the race vehicles..

Another race vehicle coming through

4 vehicles actually had helicopters leading them..not drones
actual helicopters! 

100+ miles per hour..

Guys in an empty stock tank..


The set up of EZ UPS..shade needed with highs near 95..
 Ken had a great time and we both plan on going next year.  He got home Saturday afternoon and worked on getting the Jayco and Tundra ready for our trip Tuesday to Wildhorse Resorvoir in Northeastern Nevada.  

Don sent this picture of pears Dana canned from their yard.  

Don does a lot of mowing, but Dana does her garden area. 

Way to go Dana! Looks beautiful!

Cousins...Jesse and Dusty down at Dillons..:)
 Linda texted and said Chelsea took Owen to the doctor today as he still wasn't feeling well.  Double ear infection and possibly some hand mouth problem.  Poor little guy, hoping he feels better soon. 
My Daughter in Law Lori posted this on Facebook, sure shows how quickly they grow!  Starting in Kindergarten and this year's 7th grade picture..:)

Today was the total eclipse, amazing to watch on tv and even here (we only had about 83%).  Joe came over and let us view through glasses and a welding helmet..pretty cool.  
How Don saw the eclipse in TN..pretty cool looking..

Our neighbor Stacey looking through 3 pairs of glasses and the
welders mask..
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we plan on leaving around 0600 or so and heading 370 miles north east of here to Wildhorse Resorvoir.  Never been, so it's new, uncharted territory.  Not sure how many days we'll stay, play it by ear.  Possibly no service, so if I don't update that's why.  

Have a great week, thinking we will as we're "On the Road Again"...yay!

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  1. Top much fun there with the atv's and the race, we only had a bit of an eclipse, and eerie stillness in the air, Travel safe