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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Yerington, NV to Wildhorse then Wildhorse to Ely, NV...

We left Yerington about 0700 on Tuesday morning.  I made some egg sandwiches so we could just them in the truck. Headed up towards Fallon, NV and got gas and then up towards 80 and Winnemucca.  We got to the Interpretive Center along 80 near Elko and pulled in and we had a salad lunch.  Stopped to get gas in elko at Smiths and headed 64 miles to Wild Horse Resorvoir.  Not many people in the campgrounds.  They have a campground with 19 campsites and then another with probably the same.  They all have covers, tables and fire pits.  We hung out.  There were these little green bugs all over the place. In the air, near the ground, in the trailer. They were awful.  They don't bite, just annoying, really annoying! The late afternoon brought some rain, thunder and lightening.  
Near Carlin, NV..tunnel

Our lunch spot..the Interpretive Center

Elko, NV!  Used to be a little tiny town!

Apartments on the way up 93! Lots of them!

Going up the 64 miles..just lovely

Ken bar b qued some awesome burgers and I made some oven french fries. yummy!  
Cool looking barn..

Wild Horse Resorvoir!

Thanks Eric and Christina for the chairs..we love them!

State flower...sagebrush in bloom!

Burgers an a chile!

Click on this picture you can see the bugs!!
Click on this..these little bugs were awful..

Yesterday morning we slept in until about 0715!  It was warm during the night, but cooled off nicely towards morning. Took our time and I made some poblano potato salad (but actually hatch chile).  We decided to stop at the little visitor center and check out what they had to offer.  Cute little place.
Inside the visitor center

The outside grounds

Love that mailbox!

So we took our time and then decided to go check out Wild Horse Station. I had read about it on line.  A gentlemen from Reno had bought it after seeing it sit vacant for years.  Well, when we got there we found that now a new guy is leasing it from him.  He said he had been a chef in Nevada for going on 30 years, never owned a place so he thought this would be great.  We didn't eat, just had a drink and visited.  Very nice guy and we wish him the best.  Pretty isolated up there, but there is a lot of hunters, fisherman and people passing through.  He changed the name, (even though the sign still says Wildhorse Station) to Mile High Steakhouse.  Honestly, if I knew it was a steakhouse $$..We probably wouldn't have gone in.  Very glad we did. He serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, full bar, rv sites and from what I read two rooms are ready for overnight rental.  
Inside the restaurant..

Love the bar stools, remind me of the Big Texan Steak House in

People throwing their money on the ceiling...


Phone outside the door, thinking you can call 911

Motel rooms

Donna James, thinking your rig could fit!

We drove upp a few miles and there is a campground, we're pretty sure it's tribal run.  $90.00 for the month and actually looked very nice. No hookups or showers but still can't beat the price if you have your own rig.  Dump station too. 

Then back to camp just to enjoy the afternoon.  Ken watched "Falling Down" his just about favorite movie!  I kinda watched it too..haha..He bar b qued some pork, as the skies were darkening and wind was picking up.  We weren't disappointed!  Lightening, thunder and rain!  It actually got cool enough for a fire!  Very nice!  Then a late dinner, because we enjoyed the show and the fire for way too long..oh well, we're on vacation..right?! 
Yummm Pork!

Our late lunch yesterday...

Clouds coming in...

Me with my blankie and glass of wine..

Slept in again until almost 0715.  Coffees, no internet so no checking in with blogging friends :(  Breakfast, showers, getting ready and we didn't head out of the campground until 1145!!  Elko we stopped at Smiths, topped off our tank, then I made tuna sandwiches while Ken got a couple supplies from Smiths.  Where does the time go!?  

Headed out on 80 until Wells, NV where we headed south on Highway 93 until we hit Ely, NV.  Arrived here about 1730, which is later than we like but we're here.  Tomorrow we'll continue our journey and check out a couple of campgrounds we haven't visited before.  They're State Parks so they are FREE for us unless we use hook ups for $10.00 a night.  So on to new adventures. 
Headed towards Elko..

Love this barn

And house...

Rest area below Wells, NV..


Here's what it's talking about..

and this...all the doors are open..can u imagine what's in there?!

Mc Gill NV

Leaving Mc Gill NV..
Tonight we're at the Prospectors Hotel and RV Park in Ely, NV...been here before and like it for a night.  $22.70..tomorrow we'll check out a State Park.  Tonight we're treating ourselves to Mexican Dinner! Tomorrow morning, breakfast out.  

Adam texted yesterday and said he was enjoying college! Glad to hear.  Christina posted that Seth had decided to do Football again this year! So glad to hear that too!  

Have a great night...don't know if we'll have service so it may be a few days again!  


  1. Nice to see you have been busy and enjoy being out and about.

  2. You are having a great travel adventure. Lovely pictures.
    those bugs would be nasty! Ewww!
    Love the barbed wire beam, the stone house and how nice to see a picture of you enjoying your wine at the fire. :)
    Safe travels!

    1. They were awful bugs, apparently they only live 24 hours or so, but that's more than enough. Ken took those pics and said I should pic 2 and post..I don't like my pics, but he did ok..haha..

  3. Nice Pictures. Good job. Looks like ya'll went through Wells, Nevada. That is on my places-to-go-back list. I went there specifically to see Angel Lake but it was still snowed in when I was there. It sure looks nice on Google Earth and one of those places where you can go to while only overnighting in the town. Ya'll have fun, be safe out there.

  4. Aww..thanks for reading. We've done Angel Lake and the area in the past, it is beautiful! I love this Eastern side of NV!