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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Woke up in the Jayco this am! :)

A big Happy Birthday to my brother in law Don!  WE love you! 

Well, yesterday was one of those days..it was hot again and not a lot on the schedule.  There could have been if we'd been looking for something to do but a lot of the things I want to do involve outside and it just doesn't work in this heat.  

So after our veggie wraps for lunch Ken was inside and said "Why don't you call Carson Valley Inn and see if they had any cancellations at the RV Park?"

Well, dang if great minds don't think alike, I had thought of it in the am but didn't say anything.  Ken's hernia is healing nicely, but now he's got another issue going on (more on that after he sees the dr).  I wasn't sure if he'd feel up to going.  I called and sure enough there was a site available and I booked it.  

We were there earlier in the week and had asked about sites for Saturday night as they have a Blues, Brews and Bar B Q event but they were booked. Anyway we loaded up dinner (which was already cooked), some coffee and a few other things and we were outta here in under an hour.  Nice that you can take your home with you and get moving so quickly.  We got to the RV Park about 1615 and got settled in.  We're not big on RV Parks but for a night or two this one works.  At just about 1700 we drove the Tundra over to Registration and finished our check in.  The event started at 1730 so we joined a nice group of people outside and listened to some great music.  The skies were darkening and at about 1800  the rain let go!  Then the lightning, one big streak hit really near the event and lit up the whole area..The powers that be shut down the event until 1830.  We ran over to Carson Valley Inn and thought we'd have a drink until the rain let up.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea.  We jumped into the Tundra and went back over to the RV Park and had a glass of wine and a beer.  
The RV Park

Packed in..

Our little piece of heaven for the night

You pick up a phone and call the hotel..they give you a site number

Eventually the rain let up, grabbed a jacket and headed back to the event.  Not a lot of people were there then, but the band really played and played. Eventually as the rain stopped more people came out to watch.  Gotta say it was a fun night.  We got back to the trailer close to 2200 and had a really late dinner!  

This girl could sing!

So could he!

Awesome harmonica

As the skies were clearing

Woke up this morning at about 0645!  Late for me, but I didn't want to get up then but we did.  Took our time getting ourselves ready and then headed over to Carson Valley Inn for brunch.  I was going to get breakfast, but Ken brought up a burger and that's what i got too.  So full I know there won't be any need for food until dinner.  

We had a nice drive home and unloaded quickly.  So, a nice relaxing afternoon.  Looks like our neighbors Joe and Stacey invited us over for a bit, he's bar b quing but think i'll pass unless my tummy goes way down :)

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  1. What a great idea, just scooting off.........because you can! That is what is great about having an rv with wheels that turn! :)
    I know what you mean about feeling full, we've had too much food over the last couple of days I told Bill, I'm going to smarten up starting today! (until the tummy goes way down). :)