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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not much going on except HEAT!

Tuesday morning after getting going I went outside and filled a wheelbarrow with more tumbleweeds.  By the time I had it overloaded I was not a pretty woman!  So inside for a shower and then some breakfast.  

Got the bathroom ready for painting and got that started.  It's so small I thought for sure a quart of paint would do it as there's shelves and a mirror on the wall, but once I started painting I could tell it was going to be a bit short.  Darn!  We bought the paint at Lowe's and according to the girl there, it was the best paint.  Well, it sure didn't cover as well as some of the cheaper paints we've gotten there.  We usually buy middle of the road price and it's better in my opinion.  
Our very boring beige bathroom...

Anyway got done what I could and cleaned up the tools.  Back inside to the air conditioning and enjoyed the evening.  

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) we ran to town, quick stop at Scolari's and then to Tru Value Hardware.  I had the original paint sample and they matched it dead on.  Back home to finish the job!  Well, as it dried I could tell it was a smidgeon off from the Lowe's paint.  Darn!  This paint covered much better so i was able to cover the other.  I believe the Lowe's paint was the off color, because Ace actually put a couple of drops of their mixed paint on the sample and you couldn't tell the difference.  It's done now.  Ken has to put the new towel bar up and the little room will be finished.  
Our new towel rack..I ordered from a guy on eBay whose
name is airborne 82..he makes this stuff from his ranch in AZ.
Rebar and used horseshoes..Prices are good too..otherwise
I wouldn't buy!

Yesterday it hit 105 degrees here.  Most of the time we didn't know that as we are inside.  WE've talked about going over to Mammoth and Lake Mary but we've got to wait until Ken is cleared after surgery so it won't be for awhile.  
My sister Wendy brought this to us when she visited

Ken put some more of our treasure up including her sign..:)

Today (Thursday) is his follow up appointment in Gardnerville, so our customary stop at Walmart before.  If Ken's feeling up to it we'll have a lunch out at Carson Valley Inn (our favorite place in Gardnerville)..
Our beautiful Yerington sunset

Russell took the boys fishing last night.  Only picture i saw on FB so I had to steal it...

Grandson Aaron and his prize..


  1. Your bathroom looks very fresh, not boring at all. Love the towel bar and your entrance with all the gadgets. I have to reign myself in (as you can tell from our restroom pictures) from hanging and displaying too much.
    Beautiful sunset and sunrise photos! Sorry about the extreme heat. Do you get humidity too? Yikes!

  2. I've got to say our only saving grace is we have a dry heat..no humidity!