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Monday, July 31, 2017

At home for a few days..

Sunday morning we took our time getting up and ready.  Ready for what..well not much as we stayed home all day which was nice.  We knew the Night in the Country crowd was leaving so there was no way we were heading anywhere!  

I decided to do some cooking in the morning, as with as hot as it's been there's no way i'm turning on the stove in the afternoon.  A couple of months ago something came through on Facebook that was a good way to make your own vegetable broth from the throwaways of veggies that you don't use.  You put them in a sealable gallon size bag, keep the bag in the freezer and everytime you cut up veggies whatever is left that you normally discard put into the bag.  When the bag is full, empty it into a big pot, add water to cover, bring it to a boil then let it simmer for 30 min.  Pour through a colander and voila you have your own homemade, salt free veggie broth.  Then you can pour it into a container or another baggie and freeze..you've got broth to use whenever you need it.  I've done it a few times now and it's good stuff.  Nothing goes to waste anymore either.  That's part of my cooking yesterday.  

I decided to make chicken enchiladas, coleslaw and homemade guacamole.   I made two good size pans just in case Russell and family were to show up.  (the kids did so well in basketball they made it to the championship so they didn't leave for home until today). One tray of enchiladas to the freezer either for company or a night we don't know what to have.  

I had plenty of bananas that were ready for banana bread, so I made two loaves and froze some for later on down the road.  The kitchen smelled so good from all the cooking. We had wraps for lunch and then just a quiet afternoon.  

Joe, Stacey and Rylee came over for a quick visit in the early evening which was nice.  Stacey had a wonderful time at Night in the Country, thinking she'll be going back next year.  Joe picked up his new to him 97 Ford F250, just like ours only a pretty green color. Hope it all works well for him. 

We had our enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner and it was very tasty.  Haven't had them in quite a while.  

We were on pins and needles wondering how the kids were doing in the championship game.  54-47 and they lost.  Needless to say the boys were disappointed but they did awesome as far as we and everyone is concerned.  Took a lot to get there and these were kids from all over the country.  Russell said they played teams from Colorado, Texas, Ohio and New England.  2nd place in a National Tournament is something to be proud of I would say!  
Aaron on the right next to the coach!  Way to go boys!

Russell texted this am (Monday) to say they had to go straight home as they have to work tomorrow.  We had already figured that one but appreciated hearing from him to confirm what we thought.  Good 10 hour drive home or so.  

Ken's brother, Don sent a couple of pictures of an event they went to over the weekend.  He and Dana took their two grandsons, Devin who's 6 and Tyson who's 3 to an event at Rock Creek Park in Lewisburg, TN.  It was a "Welcome Home" ceremony for Vietnam Veterans.  The TN Commissioner of Veteran Affairs was there and spoke. She  has quite an impressive military resume including deployment under OEF, Bronze Star and Legion of Merit Award. 

Don taught the boys about hats off and hands on heart at certain times.   Great teaching while they're young. Both their mom and dad are in the Army so Don and Dana have been enjoying the boys staying  with them for a bit.  
Devin 6 on the left and Tyson 3 on the right..

Devin and Tyson..so cute! 

Each Veteran received two proclamations and were called to the stage to accept them. I've no doubt a very moving ceremony.  Long overdue for these heroes.  

You can see quite a few Veterans in line to receive their proclamations..

Today I made some of the apple oatmeal muffins and then got the bathroom ready to paint, hopefully tomorrow. Hula Hoed some weeds out back this am early, but it was still hot and sweaty work.  Looks better though, gotta say. 

Joe came over and put our old rims and tires (which look really nice) on his 97 Ford.  His tires were not good and the ones we used to have on the Ford have just been sitting here for a couple of years now..so hope he gets some good use out of them. 

Ken's hernia seems to be healing, he's up and around and doing little things here and there.  Gotta watch him though..as I know my husband and he'll do too much too soon. 

Patsy, this one's for you.  After you posted about your wine and painting session my friend Michelle posted her masterpiece.  She went to cocktails and painting in Redding CA.  Very impressive just like yours! 

Hope everyone had a great day!  It's hot here and getting hotter this week..near 105! AHHHH...I really wish I could send you the heat Patsy!! :)


  1. You were really cooking up a storm! The enchiladas look wonderful, I love them but Bill isn't into the Mexican food thing. Banana bread and apple muffins, yum. Going to have to call you Suzie Homemaker now!
    Thanks for sharing the painting for me! It is beautiful, she should be very proud! It looks much harder than our poppies.
    Those young boys are adorable and what a beautiful tribute to the veterans, they certainly deserve that and more.
    Don't need the heat now, thank you though. We had heat and humidity today, just enough and it was probably only 80F but I was happy with it. :) Good to hear Ken is coming along nicely. Tie his one foot down if you have to!

  2. All of your cooking looks appetizing. Glad to hear Ken is healing well. I'm sure he'll be 100% very soon.

    The boys will be missed when dad picks them up in a couple of weeks, but at least they are back in the USA now so we don't need a passport to visit them.
    We were trying to figure out how to register Devin at Cornersville Elementary School but mom and dad didn't go for it.��

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