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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy 39th Birthday to our baby boy!

This morning (Thursday) we actually slept in until about 0600.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache so I took a couple of Motrin and went back to bed.  Had our coffees and computer.  I went out to the garage and treadmill. That doesn't happen when the boys are here, as I'm usually making breakfast.  So now back to the routine.  Ken is usually out there either before or after me, but with his hernia hurting I told him to "listen to his body".  He gets enough exercise around here he doesn't need to add to it. 

After breakfast I made some banana bread to have with our coffees. Looks like it turned out ok, we'll see in the am.  

Ken made a run to the dump mainly with garbage and I ran to Scolari's for some veggies and stuff.  Home to make our salads for lunch.  

Some work around the house and now it's time to call it a day.  Nice to be at home in this hot weather with our a/c.  

Today is our youngest son's Russell's 39th Birthday.  Hard to believe our baby is 39!  How on earth did that happen?!  He is a charmer and just an awesome young man.  We always tease that once he discovered his voice he's never quit talking.  In 1985 when we went to Arkansas with my parents we used to have to switch him back and forth between our car and my parents because we could only handle the talking for so long..hahaha.  When he was little he said he was going to grow up and join the Marines and he did before he graduated and then left for boot camp not too long after graduation.  He used to sign his letters, Love your baby boy, the tough ass Marine.. Seriously he's a great husband, dad and son.  How did we get so lucky.  Happy Birthday Russell!! 

He took today off work and took his boys and Seth and Mason fishing too at a pond near Seth and Mason's house.  It appears they had a good time.  We gave him some money for his birthday and he's going to use it on more fishing equipment.  So good for him.  So a few pictures below that I stole from FB.  

The Birthday Boy..






This pic showed up on FB from 5 years ago when we were at Coos Bay, Oregon with a group of friends riding quads..the good ole days..

 He didn't get pictures of Seth's fish and Mason didn't catch any this time.  Hopefully next time!  
Russell's Birthday lunch at In and Out..gotta say food looks good
and lots of it!  
I forgot this the other day, Ken got the air conditioner into the bunk house while I was gone with the boys fishing on Monday.  Now, this is nice to have.  So we've got a/c...heating and a tv that gets about 8 stations or so. Pretty nice for a bunk house.  Now, once Ken gets his surgery and recovery over we'll get the outhouse going. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your baby! I'd like to know how it happens that our kids are that old? I most often don't feel over 40, certainly not 60! My oldest is 42 and youngest is 38.
    Even though you have so much enjoyment with the boys, I'm sure it is nice to get back to basics and routine. That is how we feel after company even though we love visitors.