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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Surgery done and we're back home!

WE headed out early yesterday as we wanted to make sure we were plenty early in case of a flat tire or something else.  We got to Gardnerville at about 1100 and headed to the gas station so I didn't have to get gas after the surgery.  WE made a quick stop at Walmart for a few groceries and then headed to Carson Valley Medical Center which is just across the street from Walmart.  
The Preacher Fire on the way to Gardnerville

Monday afternoon they thought it was contained, but with
thunderstorms and wind it jumped the lines..

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Helicopter with water basket..there were at least 3 we could
see..THis morning the fire 20% contained..

WE got there right at 1215 and they took us right in to get the paperwork started.  Ken's surgery was scheduled for 1345.  As it turned out the gentleman that was scheduled for surgery right before Ken had improved so much he didn't need to have his surgery, (how nice is that) so that pushed Ken up! Yay! 

They took him back for pre op and then they came and got me to sit back there also.  The nurses were wonderful, very friendly, informative and not in a big hurry.  They made Ken and me very comfortable, so comfortable that Ken's blood pressure was 115/77..he's never had it that low!  

Dr. Mason the anathesiologist came in, very funny man and very competent. Explained everything and then they got it all going.  A kiss goodbye and I ran to Raleys to get the pain med prescription put in.  Back to wait.  Eventually Dr. Denar came out, showed me a few pictures and said Ken was fine and everything was successful.  He was able to do the laproscopic surgery so less incision.  

Few minutes later, a nurse called me back and explained after care to me, as Ken was still a little out of it.  Again, this set of nurses were wonderful. About 1/2 later, I pulled the car around and off we went.  He was starving and they had given us some crackers to tide him over on the way home.  Picked up meds and home we headed.  

Got home, got him settled.  Made a snack of celery and peanut butter and then about 1830 I started dinner.  chicken sandwiches and corn on the cob.  He got up to eat at the table and then back to bed for some tv and pain meds. 

We had some good rain and pour downs again and then it's over.  
Our sunset last night again

Someone was getting good rain
I opened the door and took video of the rain hitting the metal roof of the porch..too windy to go outside..

Ken had a good night, I think he only got up once for a pain pill. we slept in the guest room again for the a/c.  I can't wait until fall!  Sick of this hot weather and even hotter this weekend!

Mason at the beach

Last night's dinner at the beach for
Christina and Seth..no one else liked them
Mason, Eric and Seth..

Low tide at Dillons Beach

Eric with a treasure

That's a lot of crabs!

Russell and family headed out today for Las Vegas, NV and some championship basketball for their boys.  HOT HOT HOT there...but sure they must have a/c and a pool I hope wherever they're staying..sure they'll be some breweries visited.


  1. Very glad to see the surgery went so well. Sounds like you both were comfortable with the Hospital staff. That makes things much better all around.

    So development here took an ugly turn. The link is at my comment name.

  2. Wow..court will be interesting..what a shame

  3. We are happy to hear that Ken's surgery went fine. What a difference the hospital staff can make. Sorry about your heat. I offered to take a percentage of it, we are still mostly covered in rain.

  4. Thanks Patsy! Believe me wish I could send you some of this heat!