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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not a whole lot going on..

Tuesday morning we did our usual coffee, banana bread and computer.  We love starting the day this way so easy going.  WE like looking at the blogs of other people we follow, it's like checking in with old friends even though most we haven't met yet.  

So, up and at em.  Breakfast eventually, then Ken headed for town and got his blood tests and ekg done for his surgery next week.  I made some good for you apple oatmeal muffins.  No sugar, only the natural from unsweetened applesauce and apples.  It calls for 1 egg, but i'll use either egg beaters or egg white instead.  

When he got home he turned on the a/c in the Jayco and got the shop vac out.  We are trying to determine if our little friends (NOT) have been caught or not.  He got two of the little monsters so far.  So we'll see this am when he goes back out to check.  uhhh...( update, 1 more caught)..

We had some hummus wraps for lunch.  I swear the only place I can find the wraps we like is Wal Mart.  So far no one else seems to carry this brand.  I stayed inside and cleaned things like the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  How quickly that ugly thing attracts grease and dirt.  

Ken came inside around 1500 and did some bills etc.  Really hot outside.  

WE thought we'd sleep in the bunkhouse, just because we can but got started watching "Ode to Billy Joe".  Thinking I've seen bits and pieces over the years, but never the whole movie, and Ken hadn't seen any of it.  Really a good, simple movie based on the song by Bobbie Gentry.  By the time the movie was over it didn't make any sense to walk out there just to fall asleep.  So we went to our room instead.  

This morning (Wed) I actually slept in until 0530! Yay..Now to see what the day brings there than a really smoky beginning.  Fires from CA and NV are making most of NV covered in smoky skies.  
Our sunrise this am...usually it's so bright you can't look out the kitchen

Out the back door this am..no mountains to be seen here

Have a great day! 
Eric and family went to a River Cats game in Sac last night..
Sis in law Diane hooked them up with tickets..Eric had to
work this am..better man than me on a work night..
Russell's boys said, Oh Dad it's summer let's
go night fishing..nevermind Russell had to go
to work this am..That's what Daddy's do..

Jacob and his catch..apparently Aaron didn't get any

Jacob and a HUGE fish!
From the other day, when Ken tied into the sewer line for
later on when we can get the outhouse going..

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  1. Your muffins sound good but I would use the eggs. I also have a muffin I made in a cup that was really filling and good for me but it also called for an egg.
    What a shame about all the fires in NV, so sad.
    Another place that I found gets greasy and dusty is the grill under our fridge Bill vacuumed it out yesterday but have to unscrew it to get a good cleaning done. Places you don't notice until it is nasty!