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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday at home..thunderstorms in the afternoon

Our beautiful sunrise Monday morning...:)

Home all day yesterday..nice.  It was just a quiet Monday.  Our usual morning catching up on all our blogging friends and coffee.  Some exercise and breakfast.  Ken had his poached eggs and toast and I had some yogurt and fruit.  After breakfast, before it got too hot I made a loaf of banana nut bread, which turned out excellent.  Figured out what to have for dinner, because if anything needs cooking I try to do it early!  

Made salad stuff for lunch and at 1300 Ken came in for our lunch.  After that was pretty much a done deal for the day as far as work goes.  I got online and spent a little money on a couple of new quilts and a comforter.  One site I like Zulilly had really good deals on a lot of stuff and free shipping.  I've ordered a couple of things from them before and haven't been disappointed.  I like to change out bedspreads for a new look as most of our rooms the beds need to stay where they are.  According to them I saved HUNDREDS of dollars..oh yeah..like I believe that.  hahah..but am looking forward to getting them. 

We ordered another industrial fan about a week ago and it came in the afternoon.  Very quiet but moves a lot of air!  

Ken went out to the bunkhouse around 1500 and tried out the new air conditioner and the bed.  Watched a little tv out there.  About 1600 I headed out, but he was just coming in. With as hot as it's been lately the a/c was having a big job getting it cool.  
Storms a comin!

The wind makes our flag fly high and proud!

The skies were clouding up and the temperature was dropping..yay..We heard thunder rumbling.  We decided to sit on the front porch and watch the show!  After about 20 minutes or so the winds picked up and it started to rain.  Well, it blew so hard we had to move inside cause we were getting soaked!  Of course being Nevada it only lasted a little bit and then it warmed right up again.  They're calling for more of the same Tuesday afternoon.  
Rain coming down over there

Looks like storm is clearing...

That is smoke from the Preacher fire..over 50 miles away..
near Gardnerville, NV

I cooked up a few small chicken breasts, which cooked quickly..some anaheim chili peppers and made Ken two sandwiches with that and melted cheese.  He had the left over oven fries from the night before.  I had a cob of corn and chicken breast.  Yummy!  

WE called it a night and off to bed.  

Today, Tuesday we'll head for Gardnerville and Carson Valley Medical Center for Ken's hernia surgery scheduled for 13:45.  Making sure to leave here early, it's a little over an hour there, but don't want a flat tire or something to make us late.  It's an outpatient surgery and sure hope it makes him feel much better than he's been feeling lately.  Once he's on the mend from that one, they'll schedule the next one.  

Eric, Christina, Seth and Mason are at Dillon's Beach camping for a few days.  They were hoping for cooler temps, which later in the afternoon they got as the fog rolled in..but these are before that..

Camp all set up!

Seth digging in the sand..hahah

Mason contemplating what?

Their first crab caught!  Our kids used to love doing that at Dillons
many years ago..

Russell took the boys night fishing after work yesterday..





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