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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A ride to Silver Springs and getting ready for our trips

1st day of school..Seth 11th grade
Mason 7th grade..

Last night we sat outside a while and enjoyed our sunset.  Temperature was perfect to spend a while out back by the bunkhouse.  

Just FYI..these shots of our sunset are NOT touched up..just from the camera..Love our NV sunsets this time of year! 
Spent the morning getting some things ready for my trip and for Ken's.  I made him some potato salad to take to Silver Springs.  Funny how we women always worry they're not going to eat enough if we're not around to cook.  He's taking chicken to bar b q and I added some snacks like peanuts, crackers and cheese.  He'll probably come home with a lot as last year there was tons of food!  But it makes me feel better..haha..

A little after 1100 we headed towards Silver Springs to see if we could catch any of the guys out at Johnny's place..but nope we missed them. Guess they were out riding atvs.  Oh well..I'll meet them next year. 
On our way to the property..

That's his neighbor..haha..

Johnny's property..Joel's truck with trailer attached

Johnny has a 40 ft storage container..nice door and window in it
inside it even has a stove and bathroom..door was locked today

We don't think that's Joel's trailer..maybe he brought it out for

A view from the property

He's got lots of firewood and a fire pit..

He even had a port a potty brought out this am for the

Coming home it was after 1300 so we stopped at Dini's for lunch.  Good and filling.  I had their grilled cheese and side salad. Ken had their sandwich that's comparable to the Big Bird at Carson Valley Inn..Carson Valley wins hands down, but Dini's fries are excellent.  Full tummies, we headed home.  

Ken ran back to Scolari's and got some ice for him and me and he filled his gas can for the generator.  He also picked up some allergy pills and eye drops as allergies are really getting me down.  A little more for me to do in the am but not on much of a schedule.  If I get to CA early enough maybe a little shopping or something.  I'll probably pick up a few more things for the trip.  Adam and I are going to make pizza one night for everyone and I got stuff to make biscuits and gravy on Saturday.  Got a recipe for biscuits that looks delicious but i'll still pick up refrigerator ones just in case mine are terrible!  I got a room in Rocklin tomorrow night and then i'll meet Adam at Linda's house Friday morning and off we go! 
Ken's little piece of heaven for the
next few days..

The Money Pit and the cabover

Inside the cabover..all the comforts
of home..bed, stove, sink, dinette
and wet bathroom..it did have
a refrigerator but now it's storage..
so he has to live out of ice chest..
it'll work..

I'm sending the camera with him and i'll take pics from my phone.  His phone is a flip phone so it doesn't do pictures well...haha..


  1. Looks like you are all set! I bet you don't give yourself enough credit for making the biscuits but I'm like you, I like to have a back up plan when I'm cooking for others too!
    I agree, your NV sunsets are amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you George that means a lot coming from you!