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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A surprise trip to North Tahoe

Got up this am around 0600.  Started the coffee, computer and cut the banana bread. We enjoyed our visiting with our blogging friends and then got the morning started.  We knew we were going to head towards South Reno and US Bank where our safety deposit box is as Ken wanted to deposit some $$ and grab a few of the atv pink slips so we can them legally registered here in NV.  

We made a quick stop by Washoe Lake State Park to check on the camping sites and the lake.  It's still way up there and beautiful. 

I couldn't help myself!

Washoe Lake

Mt Rose

We're on highway 395..looking at 580 bridge..took forever to
build..but the new route to Reno

Beautiful mountain on 395

A lake near 395..

We had considered going by somewhere in Reno for Hot August Nights and looking at the old cars in town.  Well, we've been many years so Ken brought up taking a drive up the Mount Rose Highway and then going to North Shore Tahoe for lunch..Uh ok..Yay!  We haven't been up that highway for a few years and it's beautiful!  
On the way to Mt. Rose

There's quite a few of these on this road

Looking down on Washoe Lake


Ken standing in front of the the snow poles to show the plows
where the edge of the road is!  Amazing how deep the snow
can get up there!

The meadows with a trail..

Our first view of Lake Tahoe..

We got to North Shore Lake Tahoe and went into  the Crystal Bay Club to see if they had a restaurant.  We were there 44 years ago for our 1st anniversary.  My mom and dad had given us $$ to have a nice dinner.  Don't remember what we had but it was in the steak house and I remember that I was too young (17) to have a cocktail so i had a milkshake!  Memories..
Where we had dinner 44 years ago...

Well, no regular restaurant there so we went back across the street to the Tahoe Biltmore and their cafe.  Not a lot of people but they were pretty slow.  Gotta admit when I got my lunch I was impressed.  Ken not so much, as they got the order wrong, gave him the wrong sandwich (minus the ham) so she brought out the ham and it was greatly improved.  We won't be going back, we heard the cook yelling at the waitress in Spanish, but still...

We decided to come home the same way we went up..and then head towards the old town of Virginia City.  Beautiful ride up the mountain, through a very crowded town and then down the hill to Dayton, NV.  

Grilled chicken wrap..

Heading back..Lake Tahoe

Beautiful Lake Tahoe..

Love the clouds building
Looking down on Washoe Lake

Our road to take 

The Reindeer Lodge..we're sure the snow crushed the building..

Probably never to be rebuilt again..so sad..

Going up Geiger grade to Virginia City

Looking down on the road below us..

Virginia City..

So many people

Can't believe the people!

Love the thunderheads building!

almost home and we hit rain!

Fields near our house...

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  1. Wow! What a great trip that was! Those switchbacks are what put the hairs up on our arms. We did one trip especially up to Silent Valley/CA in December almost like that but not with the switchbacks. Pulling the fifth wheel, rocks on one side and drop off on the other.
    Beautiful pictures though! What a shame about that Lodge, broke my heart.
    I like those kind of towns, a Bonanza saloon to boot!