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Friday, August 4, 2017

Ken's followup went well!

We left here around 1000 yesterday to head to Gardnerville and Ken's follow up appointment with the surgeon.  Made our stop at Walmart thinking I didn't need much so it would be quick..hahah..never happens at Walmart.  
The air quality is bad..usually this is a beautiful view of
valley and mountains..

This is a distillery they've been working on for the last couple
of years..we joke and say we won't even be able to afford to
walk inside with the time and $$ that's invested here..

We like the Gardnerville Walmart because it's usually not crowded and they have a lot of check out people.  Not so much anymore.  They have put in more of the self checkout cash registers.  Shame, seems to be the way of things.  We actually used one of these because the registers that were open had lines for check out.  I really rather have the checkers do it for me, but guess we're going to learn this.  So we're out of there at about 1245.  Luckily the doctor's office is just across the street.  We got there and the receptionist said the Dr. had surgery in the am and was running about 45 minutes behind so we left and just drove around Gardnerville for 30 minutes or so and then back.  They got him in and out quickly. Everything's good and he said in about a week he can go back to regular living.  

We left there and headed to Carson Valley Inn for our Linner.  We knew eating lunch this late there was no way we'd be eating dinner.  Delicious as always and great service.  Guess that's why we always go back when we're in town.  We actually thought we might be back on Saturday as they are hosting a Blues, Brews and Bar B Q.  3 Blues bands, cheap food and drink.  We checked at registration to see if their RV Park had openings but they were full for Saturday. The hotel totally booked too.  So guess not meant to be as it doesn't start until 1730 and that's over 50 miles from home. oh well..
Hit a nice little shower on the way home for about 5 mins..

Got home near 1700 and that was the day. 

Today, Friday we got up and had our banana bread, coffee and checking in with our RV friends.  We have a news channel, KOLO8 we like to watch in the mornings and today at 0655 Dave's wife Sarah was coming on and bringing Baby Z to show the world!  Well, at least parts of NV.  Dave and Sarah are both anchors on the news, he in the am and she in the evening.  Well, they fell in love and got married and now they have a cute little 2 month old baby boy.  The stuff fairy tales are made of and we love it. 
Sarah, Dave and Little Zachary..he was due July 7th
but showed up Memorial Day..but he's doing well..

After that I decided to spend a little time outside hula hoeing more tumbleweeds.  It's starting to look pretty good now.  There was a little breeze which there hasn't been all week.  The air quality still sucks from all the fires, but luckily I wasn't out there all that long.  

Came in, took a shower and then fixed some breakfast for the two of us. Then it was time for me to get the little bathroom together and finish that job!  Looks much better I think than it did.  It's funny but I can honestly say that in all the homes we've owned I have never painted a room green but here we have 3 rooms that are different shades of green along with the outside of the house.  Green just seems to fit here somehow.  
I like the green..

The towel bar..simple things..

After that I thought well guess i'll clean out my kitchen cabinets where the pots and pans go after lunch.  We had our salads, which were perfect on a hot afternoon.  Ken brings up the idea of a panini maker.  Spent some time on the internet and found one with good reviews.  I was looking for an old Waylon Jennings CD for our son Bryan.  Found it.  Got one for us too.  They should be here next week.  Ken then says he'd like a folding cover for his tablet he likes to use..well, needless to say the cabinets didn't get cleaned out, but that's what tomorrows are for right?! 

This pic popped up on FB from 6 years ago!  Hard to believe it's been six years since we took that trip.  

Adam,12 Jacob,9 and Aaron,6 wow...

I'm thinking tomorrow it's time for the review on the watch from apachepine.com...:)

Have a good evening..time for a glass of wine :)


  1. Love the green in the bathroom. We painted our condo living room in a pale but brighter green than yours and I actually was thrilled with the change. I had lots of indoor plants back then and they just popped with that backdrop!
    Glad to hear Ken is almost back to living the good life. Thumbs up to that!
    I bought a wee grill at a flea market for $3, not sure if it is a panini maker but I'm anxious to try it. I also have a tablet cover, both good ideas, Ken!

  2. Nice to hear that Ken is better and back to normal exciting living again.