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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Ken and Christmas Lights..

49 years ago I told my mom I wanted to get a present for Diane's brother Ken. I was 12, going to be 13 in a few weeks.  I told my mom I liked him and it was his birthday on the 1st.  She had a Papermate fancy pen in a case she had picked up at the base exchange and told me I could give him that.  I sent it home with Diane to give to him.  I got a real nice thank you and then he told me he'd like to take me to some dances the following year when I started high school, as I was in the 8th grade then.  I was floating on air, of course my mom cautioned me not to get my hopes up as the following September was a long way off.  After Christmas I bought the Doors album (who I didn't like at all) with some Christmas money. It was a group that Ken liked.  I told Diane to tell him I had the album and he could borrow it anytime.  Over he came and there you go..."our story".   I think he thought he was a little too old for me...but I knew better.  Can't believe it's been that long!  

Happy 66th Birthday Ken!  All the kids and most of the grandkids called along with Daughter In Law, Cheryl.  He heard from his side of the family along with mine. A lot of Happy Birthdays on my FB page for him. Nice.  
Russell posted this picture in his message
to his dad on FB..really my fave of the
two of them..

Yesterday morning we headed for the little hospital in town and Ken visited the lab for blood tests for this surgery on Tuesday.  Then we headed for Carson City and visited Kohls and JC Penney to try and do a little Christmas shopping.  After that it was over to Gardnerville to spend a little money at Walmart and Raleys for prescriptions.  Then because it was his birthday we headed for Carson Valley Inn and a late lunch.  Great food and drink!  We both didn't need dinner last night for sure! 

Ken worked on the Christmas lights that he put on the bunkhouse and outhouse..looks so cute!  Today he put our old Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse, should look really cute when he lights them all up.  

I got a few things wrapped between the day before and today.  Spent a few hours on the internet trying to order a few things.  Can't believe how fast Christmas is coming!  

Tonight we're going to enjoy some egg nog and brandy while we put up our Christmas tree (tradition)..we'll put on "The Night They Saved Christmas" one of my most favorite movies of all time and enjoy ourselves. 

Have a great evening..we're going to head out for a bit to checkout some lights around us..


  1. Look at the beautiful Christmas lights! It looks awesome! We need an extension cord and hopefully Bill will hook up a light outside to shine on the Suite. We can't decorate until Dec. 20 when we are settled for Christmas so this will suffice in the meantime.
    Great job, Ken. No bunky and outhouse ever looked so purty!

    1. Thanks Patsy..gotta admit I love it! I told Ken all we need now is snow and it would be perfect! I love snow here, because it doesn't happen often and when it does it's gone in a day or two.