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Monday, June 15, 2015

Spent the weekend making reservations for the upcoming trip

Decided I better get to finishing the reservations for the upcoming trip to DC and Niagara Falls..can't believe how fast this has come up.  Seems I spent hours and hours both days researching motels and mileages.  Looks like I've got it done except for 2 days in the middle which i'm leaving open.  I'll have the computer with me so we can make reservations as we need them.  

So this is Monday am and I will be getting the schedule done so I can send to Cheryl and Ken so they'll know where we are..probably Grandma and Jesse too.  Whew...I better get started now!  

Tomorrow we'll leave, go by Raleys to pick up drugs and head over to Gtown to pick up Adam and then we'll deliver the stuff I forgot out of the Yakima when I dropped the kids off last week.  We have reservations in Rocklin, so early Wednesday am we'll pick up Diane at Grandma's and off we go!  
Cheryl sent this pic yesterday...she decided
to trim up the bush on the side of the
house...love it! Heart shaped greeting!!

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