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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Buggy ride and onto Washington DC...

We got up this am and got going...supposed to be a continental breakfast at the hotel..went down at 0730 and some guy answered, it was dark in office...I said I thought there was supposed to be a continental breakfast..he says oh yeah..give me a minute..really?!...uhhh no thanks...never again..Mom apparently runs the hotel and daughter and whoever this guy was are running it for her for some reason..

So we headed for Intercourse, PA and had a nice breakfast at a restaurant, Dienners..very good.  Then we headed for Aaron and Jessica's Buggy rides...Never saw Aaron or Jessica, but we had a nice ride with Esther.   I don't really have too much to say, except I was really disappointed with the comercialism of the Amish Country.  A gentleman who was on the tour said that alot of true amish are leaving this area and heading to Ohio..where Amish is still Amish.  There are so many Mennonite in the Lancaster area they are forcing the Amish out.  

Amish Buggy Ride 

Field corn for the cows...

Esther, our tour guide..

We stopped at an Amish Farm and saw the cows, horses, pigs etc. We saw the dairy production which I was not impressed...pretty sorry, flies etc.  I can see I won't be going back to the Amish area.  The farms are still incredible and the country beautiful..but the touristy area is just not for me...don't think it's really for the truly Amish either...

Diane on the buggy ride...

We left after that and decided to head for DC.  We spent a few hours looking for the National Cathedral.  Been to DC several times, but just never had time to see it.  

It is really something to see.  Hard to find if you don't know where you're going..like us..but find it we did..there was a 5.8 earthquake in 2011 and the Cathedral is just getting started on repairs so we were able to see the first floor but really nothing else.  Still worth it though..beautiful!  
Outside the Cathedral

there are needlepoint pillows with different people in America
and there accomplishments..

Diane in the cathedral

On top is where the first stage of earthquake work is taking place..

Then we fought the traffic through DC and with my driving and Diane's map reading we got here to the Governors Inn in Falls Church, VA..tomorrow we pick up Adam.  

Don sent this pic of Adam he found on the website!  Thanks Don!!

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