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Friday, June 26, 2015

Georgetown DC and picking up Adam!

Today we got up and went to breakfast here at the motel...it was awesome!  Eggs, bacon, waffles, sweets, cereal and toast..yummm..After that thought we'd try and find our way to Georgetown.  Which eventually we did.  Spent some time walking the street and enjoying the view.  It was nice, very touristy and I'm sure very expensive to live. 

Well, it was time to go..we were parked in a parking garage and couldn't find it..finally asked someone who actually knew where we probably were...and we found it.  So then we headed out to pick up Adam..of course we thought we knew where we were going...but not..eventually we found him..haha..hate this town for driving..get so turned around.  Diane does a great job with the map and the streets though..

So a quick trip to Starbucks for them and off we went looking for the motel.  Traffic was something else but we found our way home.  Spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing...then we headed for the town of Falls Church and the Dogwood Tavern..we ate there last year and Adam wanted to go this year. Had an awesome dinner...just not quite the same as last year, as no one drank beer...missed the rest of the party.  

Back in our room now.  Tomorrow am we are planning on heading for DC one more time to see the National Police Memorial. Then head for the airport in the afternoon and home.  

Adam really enjoyed the conference he's on the phone now with his mom and really has some stories to tell.  He said he has "Happy PTSD"  love that term.  

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