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Sunday, June 28, 2015

National Police Memorial, DC and back home..

We got up fairly early and headed out after an awesome breakfast!  Headed toward DC with nod estiantion in mind really except to take a look at things..We had a really nice drive around downtown DC and then headed out!   

We followed the freeway and got to Dulles at a decent time, after we had a late lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse..yummy!..

Got in around 2300 and Ken found us to pick us up..we dropped Diane off and headed to Georgetown..got in about 0100 and Cheryl was waiting for us..well..she was waiting for Adam..this am we got up and headed for Eric' house..picked up Seth and Mason and then not too long after we got back for Seth and Mason, in walked Cheryl..so after a few minutes..we were on our way..

Plane was delayed a bit due to weather, then as we sat there, it moved earlier and earlier..so not too long after w realized the plane was not going to leave that quickly...so just enjoyed watching people!

We'll see u soon...it appears all is on time! Love u Grma!!!!!!!

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