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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home again from Ca...Looking forward to company!

Left here yesterday morning around 0830..Adam at the wheel of the Patriot.  He drove all 178 miles with no problems.  I think it's harder on me to be the passenger and keep watch..but really he's getting quite a bit of miles under his belt.  

Dropped all the kids and headed back home about 1440 and got home about 1815..not too bad went over on Highway 50 and came home Highway 80..so all in all a great drive.   

Up early this am (Wed)...as we have company coming for the night!  Our niece Chelsea and her friend Phat (not sure of the spelling) are coming over today! 
He was at her graduation and is just such a nice young man!  Of course we're a little partial to Chelsea too!  

So off I go to get ready...hope to have pictures later!  Had a nice thunder and lightning show last night, cloudy this am..so we'll see what we can do later!  

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