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Monday, October 3, 2022

Grandsons, Outhouse Races, Time with Lila and Mugsy.

 Before I get started on the Outhouse Races let me post a couple of pictures of 2 of my 5 handsome grandsons! 

Homecoming night Senior year...hard to believe 💗

Friends and Football...Aaron 3rd from the end..

Look out Berlin!  The Navy's on the streets! Our Jacob on the right (white shirt)
Saturday morning after making simple breakfast burritos and some sandwiches for later we got on the road a little after 0700. Parking is crazy in Virginia City for these events so we wanted to make sure we found a good spot. We actually found the same spot we had last year 😊

We got ourselves up the hill and walked Main St for awhile.  Just people watching mainly LOL.  We got to the top of the hill where outhouses were staging and picked out our favorite.  Actually, I'm sure it was the favorite of most everybody as it got the most cheers during the races!

Looked a lot different later in the day! 

Here's the back of "The Oval Office"

So much cheering when this one went by...you know you're with 
several thousand like minded people!

On the way back down, we stopped in at The Silver Dollar Saloon. They had specials on Bloody Marys and well drinks. Ok, why not?! Not one of the tourist traps, which is why we like it! 

Bras everywhere! LOL. Dollar bills too!

Our friend Joe called after Ken sent him a picture showing we were at his 
favorite bar.  Joe was our neighbor, but he and family moved to Alaska a
little over a year ago. 

$5.00 bloody mary and a screwdriver with gin $3.00
She knows how to pour them too! 

Around 1100 we headed out to secure a place to see the races. That didn't really last though, as when they sung the National Anthem, they had as many people in the street and then took the World's Biggest Selfie. I think last year there were more people in the street, but didn't want to lose their spot on the sidelines. No biggie, we found another spot. I love the patriotism there in Virginia City at these events. There wasn't one Biden t shirt or sign. No Sissolak signs either! YES! No more politics! HAHA. 

The races started at 1200 and we left there about 1400. We did go have one more drink at the Silver Dollar before we left. I brought sandwiches, because it's just too packed there to even attempt to eat in a restaurant.

Looks alot different just a few hours later!


I called Betsy's Big Kitchen and there was no wait there, so we saved the sandwiches and headed there for Linner. The food was great, service not so much. None of our regular girls were there either. Not sure what's happening lately. Hopefully just an off day! 

We got home around 1600 or so and headed next door to party with pups. We knew we were spending the night and they were happy too! 😂 We had a nice fire outside and eventually called it a night. 

Mugsy...THE BOSS!

Miss Lila

Yesterday morning we left and came home to have coffee. Got the day going and around 1030 we pulled out the champagne for Champagne Sunday.  We ate our sandwiches from Saturday and it was a great brunch. 

A very lazy Sunday, even though Ken did go next door and bring some wood up for future fires. About 1330 he came and got me so we spent the rest of the day and night with Mugsy and Lila. I know they're happy for the company. 

Ken barbecued some awesome burgers for dinner and then we had a fire and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We did see the cutest movie, Ugly Benny.  Lila really enjoyed it, love watching her jump at the dogs on TV. 

We left this morning. Karen just called and she's home, so we're headed over for Happy Hour! Have a great evening.  🍷🍺 


  1. What an awesome event! Virginia City looks like our kind of town.

  2. That's my all time favorite event to watch. They get serious about their outhouses!! LOVE the Oval Office!! The Silver Dollar is also my favorite saloon. Haven't visited it in awhile. Best event ever for laughs!!!

    1. It is so much fun! Yep, Oval Office was definitely the favorite!