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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Farmington, NM to Santa Fe, FRAUD ALERT, Range Cafe and Dustin Visits

 Tuesday morning we left the fair grounds around 0900 heading for Santa Fe, NM. No one came around to collect the $$ so we got an unintended free night there. 

We had a lovely drive from Farmington to Santa Fe. By the time we got to Santa Fe Skies RV Park it was nearing 1500. 

Highway 550 in NM

After parking, setting up and enjoying outside for a little bit Ken suggested running into Santa Fe old town for a bit. Sounds good to me. 

It was nearing 1700 so we parked in one of the state building parking lots. You can't park there during the day, but after 1700 you can. 

We headed for the Loretto Chapel and just missed going inside as they closed at 1700. We walked the streets for a bit. Honestly, didn't do much for the both of us. We were here in the early 90's and really enjoyed it, but now it's just high end stores and jewelry stores. Lots of overpriced  eateries too. After a bit we headed back to the park for the evening. 

Another church, downtown Santa Fe

Wednesday morning we after breakfast we headed back to Santa Fe. We wanted to visit the Loretto Chapel and go inside. We found parking at the parking meter and tried to figure it out LOL. You have to download an app and pay through that. Frustrating for us old, technology challenged people. Finally we gave up and then tried to find some parking where you could pay a person NOT. We drove around a little more, and I told Ken let me try and see if I can download the app again. 

Well, it appeared I could and thought I had it done, when I get an alert from US BANK saying FRAUD alert. What?! Ken called and it turns out what I downloaded was an escort site! They were trying to charge the card with $39.99. US Bank stopped the payment and are sending Ken a new card. 

OK that was enough for us we were done! Decided to take a drive (because we haven't driven enough) to Los Alamos. We did that 30 years ago too. LOL. It was a lovely drive and more changes seen. Now there is a huge town of Los Alamos! There wasn't one back then. 

The original Los Alamos Laboratory 

There's a second, huge new building in town, but after passing through a security  
area to leave Los Alamos, you are told not to take pictures for the next two miles, 
so I didn't. Definitely an amazing area! Wonder what they're doing in there?!!

A gorgeous drive along highway 4!

We drove through, looking for a Mexican Restaurant as we were hungry! Lots of fast food places, but no restaurant that interested us. We decided to take the drive from Los Alamos to San Ysidro and then into Bernalillo and find a restaurant there! Little did we know that 49 miles would take quite a while. Yes, a beautiful drive but by the time we got to the Range Cafe it was 1500. 

The Range Cafe was worth the wait though. Would highly recommend if you are ever in the area. 

Beautiful paintings for sale all over the walls, Love the colors
in this one, only a measly $495.00

Everything was HUGE and delicious!

Famous people plates, Ted Danson, Judge Reinhold, Will Farrell just to
name a few :)

                     Joanie, my 99 year old friend who I used to work with at the
                   Sheriff's Department remembered it was our 50th anniversary 
                   and sent a card with $50.00 in it. She said "have a drink on me"
                   Thank you Joanie, we had our whole lunch "on you"! Yes, she 
                   still lives on her own and does everything except drive. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Headed back to the RV park and Happy Hour. 

Earlier today Ken called a friend of our son Bryan (and ours too) who lives here for now. Dustin called and then about a half hour later he came to visit us.  We spent a few hours catching up before calling it a night. So enjoyed his visit! ๐Ÿ’™

Thanks for the visit Dustin!๐Ÿ’™

Today (Thursday) it's time to hit then road and start our trek home. We're  going to do a load of laundry first though. The plan is to head up towards Pagosa Springs, so we're not going home the same way we came. 

Time to get going. Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Turned out to be an okay day. I could do without the city stuff but the countryside is beautiful. Glad the weather is cooperating.

    1. We love the country drive too! This trip we're staying away from Freeways as much as possible!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Have a great time! Looks like you are!

  3. Too bad you missed out on the Chapel but things happen for a reason. You were meant to go for a prettier drive.
    Our meals would look the same. Bill's would be the burger, mine the Mexican meal.

  4. Yep, the burger was awesome for Ken... The other was mine!