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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

28 miles didn't work out but that's ok, Lake Powell Recreation Area. On to New Mexico tomorrow! :)

 Saturday morning we pulled out of the RV Park around 1030. Had to fuel up ($4.60 a gallon).  Better than home prices but still expensive! 

We found highway 14 and started the beautiful ride towards Cedar Breaks National Monument. Twenty eight miles later we turned into Duck Creek Campground and it was CLOSED. I checked the day before and even though it said the season was normally through the end of September the status was OPEN. Well, that was fun for Ken, because there was no way he could turn this rig around. He got to back out to the road. Why they just don't put a sign at the road saying closed would save a lot of backing up.

Pictures and a dirty windshield don't do it justice! But it was amazing!

Summit was 9910 feet!

Lava Rocks everywhere! 


We  saw another campground down the road and same thing, you get all the way down to the campground and a Closed sign again. Luckily after driving another mile or so he was able to find a place to turn us around. 

Well, that pretty much did it for us, so no Cedar Breaks this go round. Maybe on the way home, but we really don't  want to go home the same way. We followed 14 until it intersected with Highway 89, a beautiful highway in itself. 

Lava Rocks!

The city park we had lunch in Kanab!

It was a no tobacco, no pets park..we had neither..

Going out of Kanab

We found a city park in Kanab to pull over and make some lunch and enjoy the views! Kanab as always is a busy little city! Tons of atvs and side by sides everywhere! We didn't even try and find an RV Park there. 

We did pull over at one outside the city, but the guy said they've been full every night! Amazing, but good for them! 

We drove on figuring we'd find somewhere, not realizing we were only 60 miles away from Lake Powell Recreation Area, so we knew right where we were headed! 

Gorgeous drive along Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument! 

Around 1600 we pulled into the Lone Rock area.  Lot's of people parked along the "beach". We were here a few years back and where we are parked now would have been under water. So sad. Lone Rock stands so majestically out there, but was so beautiful standing in the water that is no more. It's surrounded by grass now. 

Got ourselves settled in and just enjoyed being outside in the sun. Once the sun started to set, it cooled down enough for Ken to start a "cowboy fire". It put out some awesome heat. Yes a couple of adult beverages were  had too. Nice! 

Our Cowboy fire last night..oh the heat was awesome!

Our camping area! FREE!

Ken started the barbecue and cooked some boneless pork ribs that had been marinating in italian dressing since before we left home. 

Once the fire died down we went inside and feasted on the ribs, asparagus and mashed potatoes. Everything was awesome! 

Eventually we called it a night after making the decision to stay here one more night. He'll unhook and we'll go into town to see about a few groceries etc. 

By the way, if you have the America the Beautiful Senior Pass it's FREE to stay here. No hookups, but there is a dump station and water available to fill your tank if needed. There are a few pit toilets scattered here and there. 

Sunday morning we stayed in bed until almost 0800. Had our coffees and now on to showers and Champagne Sunday. It's 63 going for 70 and a little overcast. Another great day in America! 

Champagne Sunday since we decided to stay another day :)

Our View coming home from Page, AZ 

Lone Rock..

                                              Close up of Lone Rock..

Tomorrow we move on.  We're looking at Aztec, NM and then on to Santa Fe. All subject to change so we will see! 😁 What a wonderful life 💖 Have a great one!


  1. Beautiful country up there! Love the changing colors of the trees. AND ... your bucket tables are perfect!!!

  2. It was just a few years ago we were kayaking around that rock. To see it dry now is absolutely crazy! I hope you don't mind but I am going to steal one of your pictures for an upcoming blog post.

    Our diesel prices are still over $5.09. Hoping it gets better soon!

    1. It is crazy and so sad. Of course :) They are still close to over a dollar a gallon more for diesel.

  3. That Kanab city park is gorgeous! The red rocks, wow! Also your campsite is nice, the fire looks so warm!

    1. Kanab is beautiful. Don't think you'd enjoy the park though. No Dogs allowed and it's a no smoking park..too many rules.